Apr 15


Today is the last day of our Spring Cleaning Special!

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Apr 10

Here at Flying Clipper we have the best resources for learning how to juggle!

We offer many different types of media so you can have the best learning experience. Teach yourself to juggle using one of  these “learn to juggle” DVDs or books featuring champion jugglers providing instruction from the most basic juggling through advanced juggling skills.


Ball Juggling

Ball Juggling featuring Rob Weinstein is a straight forward teaching method designed to get you up and juggling like a pro even if you’ve never juggled before. Featuring slow motion footage and step by step instruction that is appropriate for everyone ages eight to eighty.


Do You Want To Learn Juggling From Beginner To Pro

In this DVD Will Roya will teach you everything from beginner to pro in the art of juggling.


Beyond The Cascade

Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished 3-ball juggler, this book will take you Beyond The Cascade. By following the step-by-step instructions, you’ll go beyond – way – beyond – the basic 3 ball cascade pattern and learn over 100 of the finest 3 ball tricks known to jugglekind.


The Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling

From the three ball cascade to the five ball Mills Mess and beyond, no beanbag has been left undropped in the search for wilder, wackier and more wonderful tricks to include in this, the most comprehensive collection of ball-juggling tricks ever.





Apr 8

 The reviews are in….

And it’s official! The Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggling Ball is a huge hit with our loyal fans and new customers alike! This could be the most unique and best juggling prop we’ve ever created and our fans agree!


Best things I’ve thrown in the air yet!  Best things I've thrown in the air yet!

These are so much better than my old “learn to juggle” bean bags it’s silly. Having been stuck at 3 ball cascades for years, I’m already doing Mills Mess and 4 ball fountains fairly easily. They’re soft, don’t roll at all and are a joy to juggle. I can’t wait to get above 5 so I can order some more!

– Eddie Hirko

Apr 3

Every so often…

We get a review that leaves our heads spinning!

Today is one of those days!!! Not only did we get a great customer review, but he was kind enough to submit his own videos too!

Here is the review, followed by videos:

Jim, it has been nice to have professional juggling equipment around the house!     Thanks for making these – they are a huge help and inspiration.


PS Heres a couple vids


Apr 2


Attention kickers!

Flying Clipper offers instructional videos for all level kickers!

In the Tricks of the Trade DvD, you can watch Kenny Shults, as he teaches the most basic to advanced stall techniques.
Every kicker will learn something useful and advance in their skills!

He even uses our Juice Facile Dirtbag Footbag in this video, which has helped Kenny win over 50 World Footbag titles.

Get Tricks of the Trade, as well as your very own Juice Facile Footbag today!

Still want to learn more?

Then get your hands on the Tricks of the Trade 2 DvD.

Kenny Shults is back for all your kickbagging needs! Watch him as he demonstrates new teaching techniques as well as archival footbag “foot”age from many of the past footbag greats including Dennis Ross, Jon Lind, and Rippin’ Rick Reese among others.

Get these instructional videos and more at Flying Clipper!

Mar 30

That’s RIGHT!

You can get 15% off during our Spring Cleaning Sale!

That means 15% off Juggling Equipment!

That means 15% off Footbags!!

It means 15% off everything on our site!!!

Tossaball® Hybrid 2.55

Tossaball® Hybrid 2.55″ TX Juggle Ball Now Only $10.20!

Phat Tyre Pro

Phat Tyre Pro Now Only $12.75!


Stickers! Now Only $2.13!

Tossaball Hybrid TX 2.55

Tossaball Hybrid TX 2.55″ Starter 3 Pack with Pouch Now Only $34.00!

Juggle Scarves, Juggling Scarves

Juggle Scarves now just $2.13!!

Mar 30

What a great review from a great customer!

Best numbers balls EVER!  Best numbers balls EVER!

I have been juggling 5 and more balls since 1985 and got so frustrated with the lack of quality and the lack size/weight options available that I started making my own.

Not any more!

Never again will I spend hours of tedious sewing because I have finally found the perfect juggling balls. These beautifully crafted and durable suede balls are the perfect size and weight for numbers juggling. I’ve also tried the less full ones and they are great also, especially if you’re new to numbers juggling – I happen to like em nice and firm. And the price is incredible, I’ve spent 3 times that much for similar props that were ultimately disappointing. 

- Rob

Tossaball® Hybrid 2.55" Ultra Suede Juggle BallTossaball® Hybrid 2.55Tossaball® Hybrid 2.55Tossaball® Hybrid 2.55Tossaball® Hybrid 2.55

Mar 28

  Want to represent the Flying Clipper?

Wherever you go, you can now easily represent Flying Clipper, the best designer of footbags and juggle balls! While juggling with your favorite new balls, you can proudly wear our Classic Tossaball Shirt 

Or if you are more interesting in kicking around dirtbags, you might want to wear the Classic Dirtbag Shirt.                                                 

Still want more?

We even have stickers! Get your Tossaball Sticker and Dirtbag Sticker today!

Now everyone will know where to get the best juggle balls and footbags around!

Mar 24


The all-new, Tossaball Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggle Ball is in a league of its own among juggling products. We released this amazing juggle ball last year and the response we’ve got from jugglers in all walks of their juggling career has been unanimous:

This ball is a winner!!

Take it from another satisfied customer that posted a review on our products page:

Very forgiving  Very forgiving

I am the world’s most pitiful 5-ball juggler. The Phat Tyre 32-panel bags are exactly what I needed! They float up into the air, and you can basically catch them with one fingertip and correct your pattern. Really, really nice. I’m getting many more throws in before my pattern totally falls apart, and can recover more easily when it goes slightly awry. I bet they’re even more amazing for actual good jugglers. Seriously, I love these. (They do smell like a tire store though, if you stuff them in your face and inhale deep. Which is kinda hokey and cool)

– Tom M

Mar 22

We just got another great review in of our brand new Tossaball Phat Tyre Speeders! Check it out here:

Phat speeder bags  Phat speeder bags

Love the size,weight, feel, and look of these bags, although they do have a slight Discount Tire store bouquet.

Just a couple of washes later and they smell fresh as daisies. I can barely put ‘em down, love ‘em…


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