Feb 27



Flying Clipper is pleased to announce another donation of Tossaball Hybrid juggle balls going to the IJA Youth Eduction Program which empowers young people in a fun, healthy, and rewarding environment, while spreading the joy of juggling. To learn more about this program and follow it’s progress, check out the YEP website. We thank the IJA for its efforts to spread juggling around the world and for allowing Flying Clipper to participate.

Tossaball Hybrid TX Juggle Balls

Tossaball Hybrid TX Juggle Balls

Feb 20
Northwest Arkansas Juggling Festival

Northwest Arkansas Juggling Festival

Flying Clipper is again pleased to be associated with the Northwest Arkansas Juggling Festival this season donating a five ball set of our new Phat Tyre Pro 90 juggle balls along with a logo pouch for the festival raffle. This years’ festival runs April 11th thru April 13th in Fayetteville Arkansas. We love the grass roots efforts of juggle festivals. Its a great way to hone your craft as a juggler or introduce new people to the fun of learning to juggle. Thanks to the directors of this festival, jugglers will also learn about our new Phat Tyre line-up of juggle balls.

Phat Tyre Pro 90

Phat Tyre Pro 90

Feb 15

Flying Clipper is pleased to announce our raffle gift to Mondo XXV Festival for 2014 being  held February 28th through March 2nd, 2014 at Concordia University’s Gangelhoff Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. For more information please visit their website at http://www.mondofest.org/festival. Someone will pull the winning raffle ticket for a five ball set of our fantastic Phat Tyre Pro 90 juggle balls. The Phat Tyre Pro 90 juggle balls are quickly becoming favorites among many top jugglers. Flying Clippers innovation on these beauties stems from feedback from pro jugglers. That’s why we say…when jugglers speak… we listen. Keep the feedback coming and see what we come up with next. Happy juggling to all at this years Mondo XXV festival.


Phat Tyre Pro 90

Phat Tyre Pro 90


Feb 12

Flying Clipper is teaming up with Spin In A Prop Gathering festival March 13 to March 16 at Jackson Ranch, The Dalles, Oregon.  Check out their festival page on facebook:

“This is a skill-share and knowledge exchange gathering for all levels of prop manipulators. All props welcome :)
This gathering will also display construction and art workshops for those interested in learning how to build a cabin or large scale art installation. Participants will get to experience 2 full days and nights of amazing workshops that include: Poi, Hoop, Staff, Double Staff, Levistick, Juggling, Cabin Construction, Art, Yoga, Belly dancing…and more! There will also be performances, fire spinning, and music”.

Flying Clipper is donating a five ball set of Phat Tyre Pro 90 juggle balls with a logo pouch that one fortunate participant will win in the festival raffle. We want to thank the Chris Kelly and the festival for allowing us the fun of promoting juggling as well as our great line-up of juggle balls.


Phat Tyre Pro 90

Phat Tyre Pro 90


Jan 27

Clowns Without Borders travels the world bringing cheer and hope to thousands of children. Flying Clipper salutes their efforts and is teaming up with them by sending 5 sets of Tossaball Hybrid juggle balls to help them do good works on earth. Many thanks to them for giving us the opportunity to contribute to such a worthwhile endeavor. Keep up the good work friends.

Clowns Without Borders

Clowns Without Borders

Jan 17

Jugglers be on the look out for another great festival at this years Madfest. Flying Clipper is again teaming up with the Madison Area Jugglers to help them make this years festival as epic as last year. Some lucky juggler will win a five ball set of Phat Tyre Pro 90 juggle balls with logo pouch. Phat Tyre juggle balls are a hit for every festivals’ raffle. Its a good way to help promote the festival and juggling as well as spreading the word about these great hand made recycled rubber filled juggle balls. This years festival is held on January 17th and continues through the 19th. Happy juggling to all.

Phat Tyre Pro 90

Phat Tyre Pro 90

Dec 27

Flying Clipper’s roots reach back to the early 1980′s. We got our start selling footbags at disc events such disc golf, disc freestyle and Ultimate disc. We are happy to get involved again with the sport of disc golf by sponsoring the FDGA Ice Bowl coming at you from Bayview Idaho. These stalwart disc golfers are showing their stuff even in the dead of winter. Way to go guys!  Here is a link to check out all the information on this years Ice Bowl:


Good luck to all competitors!


Dec 18

Hats off to Bennett Santora and his juggling skills. He has found new juggle balls to accommodate his style of juggling and we are happy to announce he has chosen our Phat Tyre juggle balls for all of his performances. At only 9 years old we think that will be for a long, long time. Thanks Bennett for your support of the inventors here at Clipperville.

Bennett juggles Phat Tyre Pro 70 juggle balls video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLrU9dFRDOo

Here are the specs to his Phat Tyre juggle balls:

Cover material: Synthetic suede (Machine washable)

Sew pattern: Flying Clippers’ original 32 panel

Diameter: 2.75″

Weight: 125 grams

Fill material: Recycled rubber

phatty_32_group_pouch (2)

Dec 15

Bill Coad does it again by achieving a new record in the 7 Ball Triplex category using our Dirtbag Classic footbags. We have since sent him a set of our Phat Tyre 14 Light juggle balls to see what else he can accomplish. Congratulations Bill and keep up the good work.




Dec 10

Flying Clipper is teaming up with WECARE Sports to donate 131 high quality Tossaball Hybrid Juggle Balls to school children to help promote an atmosphere of learning and positive activity. Thanks to our friends at WECARE for helping us spread good cheer and the fun of juggling to many school children who might not otherwise participate. Keep up the good work Mr Hughs and congratulations on passing the 1,000,000 mark on children you have taught.

Tossaball Hybrid TX Juggle Balls

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