Jan 21

Flying Clipper has donated a seven ball set of Phat Tyre 12 juggle balls to give away to some lucky juggler at this years Austin Juggle Fest. The festival dates are February 21 -23 at the Texas School for the Deaf.

We are happy to again be part of this years’ festival. Bennett Santora will be a special guest at the festival and also be doing his own workshop. He prefers to use our Phat Tyre juggle balls in his performances. We sent him a set to give away while at the  festival. I know it will be fun for him and it is our pleasure to help promote both juggling and Bennett Santora. Here is his press release:


Bennett Santora was created by a group of mad scientists who were intent on taking over the world by installing jugglers in key leadership positions.  He was designed to be witty, intelligent, charming and to have super-natural juggling ability.  He is being groomed to take over the world military industrial complex and convert all weapons production to production of juggling props.  At present he is an entertainer and 3rd grader.  He lives in New York City.

Happy juggling to all from Flying Clipper and have fun at this years festival.

Phat Tyre Pro Juggle Balls

Phat Tyre Pro Juggle Balls


Jan 17

Jugglers be on the look out for another great festival at this years Madfest. Flying Clipper is again teaming up with the Madison Area Jugglers to help them make this years festival as epic as last year. Some lucky juggler will win a five ball set of Phat Tyre Pro 90 juggle balls with logo pouch. Phat Tyre juggle balls are a hit for every festivals’ raffle. Its a good way to help promote the festival and juggling as well as spreading the word about these great hand made recycled rubber filled juggle balls. This years festival is held on January 17th and continues through the 19th. Happy juggling to all.

Phat Tyre Pro 90

Phat Tyre Pro 90

Jan 8

Flying Clipper teams up again adding our great Phat Tyre Pro 90 juggle balls to the raffle at the 35th Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival. Some lucky juggler will be happy to win these popular recycled rubber filled juggle balls. Flying Clipper appreciates the opportunity to introduce our line of products to hungry jugglers looking for the perfect juggle ball. We think we have met their demands with this one. Have fun in Atlanta! Here is a link to view all of the details:


Oct 31

Flying Clipper continues its grass roots efforts to get the word out to jugglers about our great line-up of Tossaball Juggle Balls! This one slipped by us but we are posting it anyway. The Bay Area Circus Arts Festival and the Berkeley jugglers put on a another great event over the weekend of Oct 4. Flying Clipper was on board with a raffle donation of our new Phat Tyre Pro Juggler 90 juggle balls. Good job Berkeley enthusiasts on another successful weekend of fun!


Oct 18

Record rainfall did not dampen the spirits of hundreds of jugglers who descended on Reed College for the 21st annual Portland Juggle Festival. Flying Clipper is the only vendor to attend every festival. Many local jugglers around the Portland-Eugene area are long time friends and supporters of Flying Clipper and it is a joy to share time with this great group of people. As in last years festival when Flying Clipper introduced its first recycled rubber filled juggle balls, this years festival also saw an amazing amount of rubber filled juggle balls placed in the hands of hungry jugglers. Flying Clipper prides itself on innovation and we know we have hit the mark with the new Phat Tyre (recycled rubber filled) series of balls.


As we continue to perfect our line of juggle balls we are sure that the feedback we receive will translate into new and better juggle balls to show each year at the Portland festival. Consider joining us next season to see what is new as the next generation of improvements will be presented and get a chance to win a set yourself in the raffle. Thanks Portland Jugglers for another outstanding event!


Oct 14

http://www.ashevillejugglingfestival.com/sponsors/Juggling Fun at its best in Asheville!

Hello!  I wanted to briefly thank you for sponsoring our festival this year.  Thanks to your donation, we were able to offer exciting desirable raffle prizes which helped raise money so that we can keep our festival free!

Please enjoy this short video of the highlights of the festival, and feel free the share the video with others: http://youtu.be/7GAl74X1sTU

We will keep your logo and a link to your website on our website ( http://www.ashevillejugglingfestival.com/sponsors/ ) until we begin setting up the website for next year’s festival.

As soon as we know the date of the next festival, we’ll let you know.

Thanks again for your support and we here at The Asheville Juggling Festival wish you the best!
Jun 22


Photos from World Juggling Day celebrations around the world:



Article from World Juggling Day:



This was the biggest and most successful World Juggling Day ever – with people in over 45 countries celebrating, the largest event of which was Japan – with over 700 celebrants.

And the winner is!

Atom Lam!!!

Atom Lam

May 28

This is our 2nd year sponsoring MadSkillz Vancouver :)

We sent them a Seven Ball Set of our new Tossaball Phat Tyre 14 Juggle Balls for their raffle to give away to one lucky raffle winner at the event!! Don’t forget to enter the raffle!!

Image and Excerpts from the Madskillz Official Website

 Welcome to Madskillz Vancouver!

We present Vancouver’s annual flow-juggle-spin festival on the east side of the city over an extended weekend in June, and throughout the year our crew and members of our extended community can be found at local hoop jams, juggle clubs, circus schools, and performing at public and private events.

Get Madskillz Vancouver 2013 Festival Info Here

Buy Your Tickets for Madskillz Vancouver 2013!

May 13

We’re sponsoring this festival with a 7-ball  set of our all-new Phatty 14 Fleece juggle balls! These are a brand new take on our now-famous Phat Tyre Juggle Balls! These “Hands and Feet” balls are designed for juggling with both your hands and feet! This is a revolutionary new type of juggling being performed by some of the most talented jugglers in the industry today! We’ve got tons of rave reviews about these juggle balls and the rest of our products. Check out each individual product page for more reviews on that particular product too. And you can always find great reviews here on our blog too!



From the Flatland 2013 Website:

Note: NEW DATES!!!
JUNE 21, 22, 23 (Fri, Sat, Sun), 2013 ***
‘Flatland Juggling’

See more about the Saturday Juggling Show Extravaganza!
Check out Flatland History!



Darn near everything’s @ Park Center Banquet Hall
2682 Park Boulevard, Lincoln, NE 68502 -
Google MAP

Note: Park Center Banquet Hall is about 3 blocks west of the Bison Banquet Hall (2011 Flatland’s Location.)

Friday Open Juggling (Park Center Banquet Hall)
 party (Park Boulevard Banquet Hall)

Saturday Public Show (Park Center Banquet Hall)
Saturday Party 
(Park Center Banquet Hall)
Saturday Renegade (Park Center Banquet Hall)

Sunday Boomerangs (Standing Bear Park)
Sunday Disk Golf (TBA)
Sunday Brunch 
(Park Center Banquet Hall)

May 7

It’s Official!

We’re sponsoring World Juggling Day!

Flying Clipper is sending 7 of our new Phat Tyre 12-Panel Juggling Balls and a Logo Pouch to this amazing event for one lucky winner to take home in the raffle!

More Info About World Juggling Day:

To help spread the fun of juggling and to bring jugglers together all over the world, the
International Jugglers’ Association (IJA)

World Juggling Day (WJD)
June 15, 2013



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