Jun 24

Phat Tyre Pro 70 Juggle Balls

Phat Tyre Pro 70 Juggle Balls

Product Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Submitter: Kenny Hensley

Headline: Greatest Product Ever!!!!

Review: I’ve been juggling and playing freestyle footbag at a Semi-Pro level for 5 years and this product is awesome, I can juggle theses bad boys with such ease it’s insane and they also make a pretty good Freestyle Footbag as well not to mention that you can wash them, it doesn’t get much better then that i definitely recommend this product to every one!!!

Note from Flying Clipper: Thanks Kenny we hope these juggle balls will compliment your style of footbag and juggling. Have fun and keep the feedback coming.

Jun 3


“The Phat Tyre Pro 90 are really very well made juggling balls. They are a very nice size and weight and it shows that Flying Clipper have put lots of effort into continually developing them and integrating feedback from the juggling community. I have already recommended them to a few jugglers and I’ll happily continue to do so.”

Ultan Sharkey ~ Ireland


Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

May 31

Review: I am new to juggling. I started learning with the “klutz” balls, and made a few balls of my own with balloons and bird seed, but nothing compares to my 2.45 juggle balls. As soon as held the balls in my hand, I knew they were a quality product. the craftsmanship is evident. My juggling is already improving. My wife and coworkers are tired of hearing me talk about my balls and how great they are. It’s hard to keep my hands off these balls, and everybody wants to play with them. They throw better and catch better tha n anything I’ve tried so far. I would recommend these balls to anybody who needs balls.

*Note from Flying Clipper: Thanks for the great review Mike

Tossaball Ultra Soft Juggle Balls

Tossaball Ultra Soft Juggle Balls

May 14

Customer Namt thesee: Michael Granberry

Testimonial Text: I had checked out these amazing juggle balls from a friend of mine and had to get them for myself…they are incredible! The weight and balance have helped me improve my consistency far more than with any other ball I’ve tried. I bought these to inspire me to learn to juggle five…and I’m almost there! I highly recommend these for anyone aspiring to take their skills to the next level. And the customer service just can NOT be beat!!

*Thanks for the good word Michael.

Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

Apr 24

Good morning Jim,
I received my Phat Tyre Pro 90’s yesterday, and you were correct!  I love them!!  They are excellent to juggle with and exactly what I was looking for (something between a squishy beanbag and a more solid, stiffer ball).  I flashed up all five of them successfully several times last night, and they feel great plopping back down into my hands.  And the weight is perfect and definitely is helping me make more accurate throws.  I feel like these will go a long way towards helping me attain the 5 ball cascade I am after in the next month or two.  And I love the feel of them.  I could just hold one in my hand, tossing it around, stalling it, and squishing it, for hours I think!  Also, the electric yellow does indeed glow brightly under a black light, so that’s a bonus!!
Thanks for your help, and thanks so much for the logo carry bag!  I’ll almost assuredly be ordering more props from you guys in the future.

Note from Flying Clipper: We appreciate the feedback – please keep it coming.

Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

Mar 13

Submitter: Joe Franchi

Headline: Phat Tyre Pro 90

Great product and great service. I was looking for the perfect balls to polish my 5 ball skills. I called on Monday with some questions about weight and feel, got some great advice. Wednesday I was juggling with the best balls I’ve ever had.

*Note from Flying Clipper:  We strive to send every order out by the next day after receiving it. This one went out the same day,  left OR on Monday and was delivered to Joe in CT on Wednesday. Hats off to the USPS. :=)

Phat Tyre Pro 90

Phat Tyre Pro 90




Feb 16

Customer Review: Phat Tyre Footbag

Great performance  Great performance

I could kick it and delay it perfectly, it a great tool to warm up with and even more. You can continue shredding with it because it’s stable.

— Daniel Cadavid

*Thanks for the feedback Daniel and letting everyone know about our Phat Tyre Footbag.

Phat Tyre Footbag

Phat Tyre Footbag

Feb 16

Product Rated: Dirtbag Stellar Staller Footbag

Product Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Submitter: Joshua Malkamaki

Headline: Very, very good!

Review: This Dirtbag is beyond perfect, the stall is obviously quality. and the pop/bounce is very loft like.

*We here at Flying Clipper appreciate the good word Joshua in helping us spread the word about Dirtbag Footbags


Jan 5

Product Rating: 5

Submitter: andre zarif

Headline: very good

Tossaball Phat Tyre 14 Juggle Ball

Review: This is my first “juggle ball” from Flying Clipper. I’m currently trying to learn 4 balls Mill’s mess and this ball helped me keep the pattern going longer. It feels that I have better control and it’s easy to catch and hold/release 3 in 1 hand also so it’s good for learning to juggle 5 balls.


*Note from Flying Clipper: Thanks Andre we appreciate the good word.

phatty-14k_yellow-bluephatty-14k_red-yellow phatty-14k_yellow-black

Dec 2

Item: Dirtbag Stellar Staller

Product Rating: 5

Submitter: Kris

Headline: Great hacky sack

Review: Bought the sand filled one and it was perfect. It has just the right amount of sand in it so it doesnt go lop-sided when you give it a glancing hit. Despite this it is still easy to stall, plus it stands up to heavy use and was still working fine 5 months later until I lost it. Im ordering another one now and thought I’d review it to help anyone else looking for a good hackey sack. Would buy for a third time if I manage to lose the second one!

Note from Flying Clipper: Thanks Kris for the great review and letting others know about our Stellar Staller footbags.

steller-staller_3-pkGLOWS IN THE DARK!

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