Aug 7


You read correctly, we’ve got another give-away contest running this summer, this one is for our footbag-playing fans! Last year we had a long-running contest to announce the release of our brand new product, the Phat Tyre Footbag. Now that we’ve had some time to cool down from that amazing launch, we’re ready to jump back in and give a bunch of lucky winners a free Phat Tyre of their choice! You can now enter to win a Phat Tyre, Phat Tyre Sport, or our crowd favorite the Phat Tyre PRO for free simply by tweeting us why you want one at our @PhatTyre Twitter Profile. Be sure to mention @PhatTyre and tell us why you would want one, it’s that simple!

The more people we have participating, the longer we’ll run the contest! Encourage your friends to get involved, ReTweet the contest details, mention the contest to your sport buddies or whatever you have to do! We’ll give extra consideration to the people that get the most involved; show us you really want a free Phat Tyre!

Wondering where to go next?

Click the “Tweet” button in the social bar below and share this blog on Twitter for your friends to read, then send us a mention and tell us why you want a free footbag on our @PhatTyre account! You could be this week’s winner if you do those two simple things!

Aug 7

In case you’re wondering you still have over a week left to make a video for the Summer 2012 EPIContest!

But that doesn’t mean you should wait, make us a video TODAY!

1st Prize Wins a 7-Ball-Set of Tossaball Hybrid Juggling Balls!

2nd Prize Wins a 5-Ball-Set of Tossaball Hybrid Juggling Balls!

3rd Prize Wins a 3-Ball-Set of Tossaball Hybrid Juggling Balls!

That’s three chances to win! The deadline to enter is August 15th so get those submissions in as soon as possible for your chance to win!

Aug 2

Just a friendly reminder here that you have 2 weeks left if you want to make a video for the Summer 2012 EPIContest. Remember, the rules are it has to be 3 minutes or less, and the title has to be the Flying Clipper Summer 2012 EPIContest. No prop limitations, no skill requirements! Make your video and upload it to YouTube and then tell us about it on our Facebook Page or on Twitter!




Aug 2

Remember you still have 2 weeks left to enter if you want to make a video!

Jul 30

Jul 27

Jul 27

Jul 23

We’re getting so many entries, and there is still tons of time left to enter if you haven’t already! :)

Jul 21

We’re getting a new entry at least once a day since the contest started, and we’ve still got a lot of time left to enter! This contest is heating up fast :)

Jul 20

Check it out, we got this entry late last night and it is so EPIC!!

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