Aug 2

Remember you still have 2 weeks left to enter if you want to make a video!

Jul 30

Jul 27

Jul 27

Jul 23

We’re getting so many entries, and there is still tons of time left to enter if you haven’t already! :)

Jul 21

We’re getting a new entry at least once a day since the contest started, and we’ve still got a lot of time left to enter! This contest is heating up fast :)

Jul 20

Check it out, we got this entry late last night and it is so EPIC!!

Jul 17

We got our third video submission today! Check it out:

Jul 15

Check it out, we’ve already got our first two entries for the Flying Clipper 2012 Summer EPIContest!



Jul 14

Hello jugglers! Summer is officially underway and I don’t know about you but I want to see some awesome juggling videos! So to help inspire everyone to break out their cameras Flying Clipper is hosting the Summer EpiContest! This is the YouTube based contest where you get to show off your skills and win some awesome prizes.


Contest Deadline: August 15th, 11:59pm

To make it simple this contest has only two rules:

  1. Your video must be titled: “Flying Clipper 2012 Summer EPIContest”

  2. Your video must be less than 3 minutes, or 180 seconds.

We want to see YOUR video! No matter what your skill level, and encourage your friends to make one too :)

1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners will win a brand new set of Flying Clipper‘s newest juggle balls in our Tossaball Line-Up.

You can let us know you posted your video via our @Tossaball Twitter Page, our Flying Clipper Facebook Page, or in a comment here on our blog :)

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