Aug 15

We knew Kota won gold but just found out he was using Plush Puppy juggle balls he recently purchased from one of our vendors in Japan. We congratulate him on his great performance and encourage our fans to check out the Plush Puppy juggle balls. We think you will be glad you did. Check out the link below to see his performance.

Kota Hayashi at IJA 2014

Jul 2

Pieter-jan Hoornaert of Roeselare, Belgium wins this years WJD photo contest and along the way he picks up some mighty fine prizes including juggle balls from Flying Clipper. We sent him 12 of our new Tossaball  2.8″ Ultra Soft juggle balls. These balls are in prototype stage and we will welcome Pieters’ feedback on how he likes his new Tossaballs. Thanks go out to the IJA and their staff for the greatest World Juggling Day thus far. Keep up the good work and Flying Clipper will be with you all the way.


Jun 23


Flying Clipper recently awarded a five ball set of our Phat Tyre Pro 90 juggle balls to Paola Levi Della Vida of Rome Italy for winning a pre-registration contest for the European Juggling Convention next month  in Ireland. After receiving his prize, we contacted him to see if he liked the balls. Here is his answer:

“Hello Jim!  I am enjoying  them so much! Hear in Rome the weather is great and juggling outdoors is the best! I love them and the red color too :) 
Thanks for your email!”

Thanks for the good word Paola and have fun at this years EJC.

Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

Phat Tyre Pro 90 Juggle Balls

Mar 4

We have an update from the Pocono Juggle Festival which concluded last weekend. From the word we hear, this was a fantastic event and fun was had by all. Bennett Santora did his Snowman Series workshop and act at the festival, also winning second place in the “Best Trick” contest. Congrats Bennett on a great performance using our Phat Tyre Pro 70 juggle balls. Bennett also gave away a set of our Pro 70’s to a participant in his workshop. Rachel Swald walked away with them. It turns out that Rachel is already a Flying Clipper fan and she has her own set of Tossaball Hybrid juggle balls to prove it!

Thanks to the Pocono Juggle Festival staff and Bennett Santora for  promoting juggling and our line of Phat Tyre juggle balls. By the way, the sign in the photo “FBMKIS” stands for “Four Ball Multiplex Kick-up Into Sync” which is one of Bennetts’ trademark moves.

Bennet Santora with Rachel Swald at the Pocono juggle Festival 2014.

Bennet Santora with Rachel Swald at the Pocono juggle Festival 2014.

Rachel Swald with her Tossaball Hybrid juggle balls.

Rachel Swald with her Tossaball Hybrid juggle balls.

Feb 20
It’s that time of year again! The Fourth Annual IJA Video Tutorial Contest is looking for the best educational video that will provide aid to even more jugglers across the world. This is an open event to jugglers, object manipulators, flow artists and physical performers across all spectrums. You don’t even have to be a member of the IJA! Just submit your video between March 1st-31st. There is no time limit for your tutorial and you can upload as many videos as you want. Just know that your odds of winning go way up if you have one OUTSTANDING video. There is just one requirement- make sure that there is physical representation of The Fourth Annual IJA Video Tutorial Contest in your video. Take a gander here at the IJA Video Tutorial Contest page to get an inside look at what the judges are looking for this year. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page too.
Go to or to enter!
Good luck and may the best video win!
Sep 18

Get Ready New York!!

The 30th Annual East Coast Championships will take place on September 28, 29, and 30th this year in Brooklyn, New York!

The event will run in conjunction with the DUMBO Arts Festival 2012.  DUMBO stands for “Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass”, and it is the nick-name of a particularly hip neighborhood right along the river-front on the Brooklyn-side of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges.

As an official sponsor of the event, we sent 30 footbags including multi panel Dirtbags and Phat Tyre footbags! Some lucky festival goers are going to walk home with a bran new Phatty or a high-quality dirtbag!


Tournament info, while not finalized yet, is available on here:
And you can get in touch with the New York Footbag Association here:
Also, if you’re interested in learning more about the DUMBO Arts Festival 2012, you can check-out their web-page here:
Here is a post on about the tournament as well:
And finally here is the official Facebook Group for the tournament, be sure to join in on the discussion!

Sep 8

It’s Official!

We have our 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize Winners ready to announce!

They have already been shipped their prizes and some have even posted video of the products they received! Lets check out the 3 lucky winners and their videos below!

3rd Prize Winner – Derek O’Connor from Palo Alto, CA!

Dereck won a set of three of our brand new Plush Puppies Juggling Balls.

2nd Prize Winner – Robert Wood from Chico, CA!

Robert won a set of five of our brand new Plush Puppies Juggling Balls!

1st Prize Winner – Eric Culhane from Studio City,  CA!

Eric won a fantastic set of seven of our brand new Plush Puppies Juggling Balls!

Here is Eric’s YouTube video of our Plush Puppies that he just won!


Wait a second, Plush Puppies? YES!!

These are a brand new type of juggling ball never before released by any company! They are soft like a footbag, making them perfect for hands and feet juggling! Check out the following link for our official announcement and more details about this exciting new product!

Sep 5

Induction of Kendall Kic and Paul Vorvick !

Induction and speaking by Ted Huff, Mag Hughes, Ken Shults, Chris Siebert, Tuan Vu, Lisa Monti, and John Leys for Kendall, Paul, P.T. , Jukka, and James, class of 2012 !

Other HoF members in attendance: Garwin Bruce, Cheryl Hughes, Jack Schoolcraft, Reed Gray, Jim Fitzgerald, Gary Lautt, Jim Caveney, Jane Zerbe, Lori Jean Conover, Robert Conover, Mike Noonan, Chris Ott, Jeff Johnson, and Dennis Ross !!

That’s 22 HoF members in attendance of roughly 220 Beaver Open attendee’s ! Biggest ever !

And, of the 31 teams in the draw partners net tournament, featuring “pro” and “amatuer” players for each team, the winners were Luke Tarr, son of Lori Jean Conover, and John Leys !

Come to the Beaver Open for 2013, and bring your family ! Join the Beaver Open Family !

Check out the Beaver Open Facebook Friend Page :)

Aug 15

This one slipped under our radar, but she got her video in way before the deadline. Not sure how our web spiders missed it though! All the more reason to send a tweet out to @Tossaball or @PhatTyre or @DirtbagFootbags all of our official twitter feeds. Or you can always post us a link to your video on our Flying Clipper Official Facebook Page here!


Aug 12

We’re getting down to the VERY LAST DAYS!

Yes that’s right, there are only 3 DAYS LEFT to enter the Flying Clipper Summer 2012 EPIContest!

Get your videos submitted by August 15th for consideration for one of our 3 prizes!

You can still win but you have to get your video submitted NOW!!!

Here is our latest entry! And what an entry, this kid is seriously skilled!!! Leave some YouTube comments and help him name his new tricks too :)

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