Nov 27
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DENNIS ROSS at the net!

DENNIS ROSS at the net!

As many of you know Dennis Ross is a founding partner of Flying Clipper (est April 2, 1983). Dennis is also my cousin in as much as our mothers are sisters. I remember on a visit many years ago to see my favorite aunt and cousins, I brought along my Hacky Sack…yes Hacky Sack!  This was several years before before Flying Clipper became a business and even before Soc Sac was invented. Everyone kicked with a Hacky Sack because that is all there was and we were thankful. Dennis and I with a very young Leah (Leah Faust, also my cousin), formed a circle in front of their home and I was showing both how to kick the footbag. It was not an easy game to learn in those early days and it could be a little intimidating to new players. Dennis however learned to walk before he could crawl. If memory serves me correctly he walked at 10 months old. His mother watched from the porch and we talked as I took a break to let the two do their best to keep the footbag in the air. My Aunt Shirley said “Dennis is good at whatever he does and he will be good at this game as well.” Boy was that an understatement of the facts. Little did we know at the time that Dennis would rise to be an elite footbag player in both footbag freestyle and footbag net. Winning multiple footbag national and world championships, Dennis is also a member in good standing of the Footbag Hall Of Fame . Reed Gray and I could see his potential in those early years. Kenny Shults once told me that Dennis combines his freestyle moves as no one else ever has. He had a way of starting his routines from point “A” and building into a dynamic degree of high difficulty while maintaining and ease of control that made his moves seem effortless to those who were watching.

As in the photo above, you would not want to see his spike coming at you on the net court. I know I have been tagged a few times with his net spike and I did not appreciate it.:-) I may have tagged him once…once… maybe! I have always been great full for my association with the footbag community and the memories I have are of good times with close friends and Dennis Ross is both a friend and I am happy to say family as well.

Dennis Ross Flying High

Dennis Ross Flying High


Hacky Sack is a registered trademark of Whamo.




. Well that was an understatement at the least as many know how great a player he became. Dennis Ross aka “DR” as in ” The Doctor is In, is a multiple time National and World Footbag Champion and is a member in good standing of the Footbag Hall Of Fame.



Nov 22

A customer review of our Tossaball Hybrid Ultra Suede 2.55″ juggle balls.

I wanted to try these out after owning the 2.45 soft version of these. They are firm, which if you are on a stage where you drop frequently they might tend to roll more than the 2.45″ soft juggle balls. Also if they collide they go flying. If you’re a beginner or are learning new tricks or numbers I’d recommend the soft. If you already got your pattern and catches down good these are nice. They stay nice and round and are a great size. The hybrid technology also is not a gimmick it really works as advertised. They have a very predictable flight path, and don’t wobble if they spin. I wash these in the washing machine like the other Flying Clipper balls I own. Let them dry by air or throw them in the dryer for a cycle and they come out as good as new.

5 Star Rating

Geoff Goldridge

Tossaball Ultra Suede Juggle Balls

Tossaball Ultra Suede Juggle Balls

Nov 20
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Tossaball Hybrid TX Juggle Balls

Tossaball Hybrid TX Juggle Balls

We received a chance to be a part of the IJA (International Jugglers’ Association)  “PROPS 2 U” campaign to send juggling props around the world bringing the great pastime of juggling to new places positively impacting people of differing cultures. Our donation of 15 new Tossaball Hybrid juggle balls will be added to donations from other companies and individuals and will soon arrive in South Korea. We appreciate this opportunity to share what we do here at Flying Clipper with others in the juggling world. Thanks IJA!

Nov 16

phatty_32_group_pouch (2)We wanted to share this review with our friends. We are not perfect here but that is our aim. :-)

Headline: Best prop ever, period

Review: I recently received a set of the Phat Tyre Pro 70s…this must be what it’s like to eat filet mignon for the first time after a lifetime of Big Macs. I haven’t been able to put them down. I never realized how much I had been compromising with my juggling props until I held this bag in my hand; perfectly sized, perfectly weighted, buttery soft feel, eminently catchable, eye-catchingly visual, even the sound is great (almost silent, as opposed to the loud swish of the plastic resin in my previous set of under filled bags). They are very squishy, but they somehow still feel structured and substantial, and maintain a very round shape in flight. Tight patterns are a breeze because throws are so predictable; I’ve never juggled any bag where such precision was possible, let alone an under filled one. Nothing is perfect, though, right? Okay, fine…they smell like tires. It’s faint, and it doesn’t bother me, but if the smell of your props is an issue, there you go. The smell might lessen after going through the wash anyway; I don’t know. Another possible issue (and I stress possible, because it might not be a problem) is whether the filling will eventually leak through the seams; but the craftsmanship of these things is fantastic, and I trust Jim has done his R. and D., so I doubt it. In fact, the only real problem with these might be the fact that all of my other props are going to be seriously neglected from now on. I’m curious about the 90% fill version, I might get a set of those too. If you like under filled bags, do yourself a favor and get a set of these immediately. If you don’t like under filled bags, these will almost certainly change your mind. My bottom line: these are my favorite prop ever. It’s shocking that they are so affordable compared to some other bags on the market, so wake up and get a set now, before Jim realizes his mistake and starts charging what they are worth.

Dave H

Note from Flying Clipper: The slight rubber smell does dissipate after one or two machine washings.


Nov 14
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vintageoctoeThis photo was sent to us to see if we knew anything about it. We do! Flying Clipper was established in 1983 and this footbag was made in our first year of production. It was made by Jim “Toes” Fitzgerald co-founder of Flying Clipper. Back then all of the footbags were hand prepped as well as hand sewn. Starting from a raw piece of cowhide leather we first dyed the colors and then the patterns were hand drawn on the leather and then we hand cut the pieces and lastly we hand punched all the holes. That was all before hand sewing it. This footbag sold for $10.00 retail. Thanks for the photo M G, it refreshes the memory banks! :=)

Nov 12

This is our fourth year donating to this wonderful cause. What better way to honor Martin Luther King than to offer a free holiday meal for the Eugene Oregon community. Thanks to Becca English-Ross we have been given this opportunity to make a difference in our community. Think globally, act locally is a good axiom and putting footbags and juggle balls into the hands of kids is a positive re-enforcement that we love to share.

MLKholiday meal flyer 2013

MLKholiday-meal-flyer-2013 (2)

MLK Education Center

Opportunity • Partners • Success


 Flying Clipper

Jim Fitzgerald

Dear Jim Fitzgerald,

Thank you for your very generous contribution of 12 juggle balls and 24 footbags from Flying Clipper to the MLK Education Center.  This letter will serve as your receipt.  Your contributions will help make our 8th Annual Holiday Community Meal a success as we will give away many of them in a free raffle on 12/11 during the event and the remainder will be given to the MLK Culinary youth and students that helped prepare, serve, and clean up after this event for 300 or more. Many youth enjoy kicking “hacky sack”.  Having a footbag in their pocket will provide them a positive, pro-social option to boredom, an opportunity to play, gain skills, and physical fitness.  We really appreciate your long-term support for youth, families and the community!


Becca English-Ross

Employment Specialist

MLK Education Center

Lane County Youth Services

(541) 682-2419


Nov 9

Headline: Phat Tyre Pro 90

Review: I’ve been juggling for a long time, and always was looking for that perfect juggling ball. These are amazing juggling balls.  I’ve ordered 2 sets of 6 already and might get some more. These feel unreal so soft, and squishy like a big marshmallow. They juggle so nice, and feel so balanced in the air. Washing these is a breeze. You may want to at first to get the rubber smell out. i just throw them in the washer machine with other stuff and they come out perfect… I found it better than hand washing. You cant go wrong with flying clippers balls no matter what kind you get. Their customer service is top notch too if you did have a problem. If your wondering if you should get wont regret them! Geoff  Holdridgephatty_32_group_pouch (2)

Nov 4

This fun event was held this past weekend and the below comment is asking about our new PHAT TYRE PRO JUGGLER 90 juggle balls which we donated as a raffle prize.


Comments: Do you know which kind of beanbags you donated to the Not
Quite Pittsburgh Juggling Festival?  My son loved them but didn’t win
them, despite spending $25 on raffle tickets for them!  Thanks.

Note: We were happy to let them know we currently have a sale on those balls. :-)

Nov 3

Below is a customer review for our 3″ hybrid juggle ball. Click the link below to view the product offering and Junya’s review:

best beanbags   best beanbags

i can strongly recommend this ball for any beanbag users.

followings are not pro and cons, but just matter of preference.

the outer material does not stretch so much as other leather beanbags such as SportCo sports beanbags.
and the inner material is bigger than birdseed used in normal vinyl beanbags.

the ultra suede gets dirty a little too easily, but the balls are machine washable.

thanks to 12 panels, it keeps the round shape well, but still easy to stall.
it is roughly as soft as well-used SportCo beanbags from the beginning.

personally I prefer large size, so this 3 inches ball is nice.
white colour, which i ordered, is now out of production. what a pity!
 — junya