Apr 26

Diego Rivarola at Danone Nations Cup
In his role as ambassador for the Danone Nations Cup under 12 soccer event, former Universidad de Chile striker Diego Rivarola was given a footbag and put on a short show for the crowd gathered.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEWyZCrX_j8]
To know some of Diego Rivarola’s exploits on the field, see this homenaje video created after his retirement in 2011. He is particularly known for last minute goals against Colo Colo in the superclásico. 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZstqiAsVICM]


“Gokú”, who scored more than 100 goals for Universidad de Chile spent the morning signing autographs for excited fans. Rivarola was not the only person to get involved with footbag, with some of the young players having a turn. The footbags were donated by Flying Clipper helping with education programs in Chile.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPAqSNzJzF0]

Daniel Boyle teamed up with freestyle football player Cata Vega, who represented Chile at the 2012 Red Bull Street Style in Italy, to give an impromptu demonstration.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnFZ1jhQvBs]


The team that wins the tournament will represent Chile at the Danone Nations Cup in London later in the year.

Next week there will be some more footbag interactions at junior tournaments, with Daniel Boyle giving a demonstration at the Rumbo al Milk Cup 2013 tournament in Colina. Daniel will be giving English lessons to the winning team to prepare them for the journey to Northern Ireland.



Apr 23

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Apr 15

A Footbag Golf Story For The Ages

I played professional footbag for 20 years, retiring in 1998 from footbag golf. I had already given up competition in freestyle and net and footbag golf was the last footbag event that I played competitively. I have won more than a few tournaments. As anyone who has played footbag golf knows and for those of you who do not, the golf holes are above ground and have the dimensions of 18” round and 18” high. The holes are cone shaped with a tray at the bottom for roll up puts from outside of a 30 foot putting circle. In my years of playing footbag golf I learned the wisdom of the roll up and would most often position my approach shots to land at about 30 feet so that I could have a “two for one” option of making it into the basket or rolling up into the bottom tray. I worked hard on my 30 foot puts in practice and in my best days I could hit 7 of 10 shots from 30 feet. Most went into the basket but about 25% of them would land in the roll up tray. I learned how to roll the entire 30 feet with some puts when conditions dictated.

I also manufacture footbags and on one of my visits overseas  for production, my hosts would go golfing everyday at about 4:00 p.m.. They would play on a private course owned and operated by the local military. It was a 9 hole course. Being left handed and never once playing regular ball golf, I tagged along with my hosts from hole to hole on their round. When they would finish putting and go to the next tee, I would pull out my three putters that always carried around in my pocket and take a few quick puts before catching up with my friends at the next green. I did this all the way around the course. When we all reached the final hole and as my friends finished their putting, they were greeting by an Army Major who ran the golf course. I saw them pointing at me and lifting their legs as they described to the Major that I played a different kind of golf. They wanted me to demonstrate…

“They wanted me to demonstrate…”

Now I knew that I had not made one putt on any of the eight previous holes I putted but I took out my three beauties and focused on the lie. Remember this is not an 18” round, 18” high footbag golf hole. This is a standard ball golf hole. I determined about a one foot break to the left and downhill from my spot at about 30 feet above and to the right of the hole. I lined up my first attempt and it rolled with a perfect break down the hill and into the cup. They all clapped. I line up my second putt and rolled it to a near perfect putt missing off to the right by 6”. Big sigh from the crowd. I lined up my third putt and rolled another perfect break right into the cup to a rousing ovation. I do not tell this story often because when I do, it sounds to whacky to be believable. This story is true and is the one thing in footbag golf I remember best of all, even in the face of my last tournament where I made two “holes in one” in 18 holes at the Western Regionals at Stanford University.


–Jim Toes Fitzgerald



Apr 15


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Apr 15


Kenny Shults is a World Footbag Champion. In fact, he has won over 50 championships, more than any other competitor in this sport! Of course, Kenny only uses the best footbags while he is competing.

Here is Kenny Shult’s official endorsement of the Flying Clipper:

“The Flying Clipper line of Professional Footbags are the ONLY footbags I have used in competition for more than 10 years. They have demonstrated to me a genuine commitment to producing the highest quality footbag possible. In my opinion, they have succeeded.”

Here’s a link to a video of Kenny talking about what he does best- footbag!

Apr 12

We got a question from a fan on Twitter recently about the co-founder and president of Flying Clipper. The fan wanted to know who is Toes? You may have heard Derrick Fogle talking about him as this fan did, and wondered the same thing yourself.

We decided to clear up the mystery in a definitive way by posting a blog on the topic :)

Here is the story of Toes, from the man himself: Jim Fitzgerald, President of Flying Clipper.

As a founding member of Flying Clipper (4/2/83) I used to live in a small farming town by the name of Tangent. I would come every Saturday to the Eugene Saturday Market to kick with a circle that was there every Saturday. I used my toes a lot when I kicked. Gary Baker saw me coming to the circle one Saturday and said “Oh look, here comes those toes from Tangent”. I told him, “Don’t call me that, it might stick.”
Of course the name stuck and that is how I became Toes back in 1979. All of the folks in that Eugene Saturday Market circle became my good friends.  Along with Reed Gray, my future business partner at Flying Clipper, there was of course Gary Baker who became my best friend, Will Winget aka Star Cloud, Jack Schoolcraft aka Mirkan and Steve Amundson aka Birdman. The energy was always high and they always welcomed those “Toes from Tangent.”
Incidentally I co-invented a 14 panel footbag with my partner Reed Gray in 1983 and we named it the Tangent. Those early days were about trying to invent a better footbag than the Hacky Sack which tended not to be round. Out of that early circle of friends came the first multi panel footbag (a footbag with more than two piece construction) the 12 panel Soc Sac (Rick Steinmetz/Reed Gray) and that footbag design opened the door to all new footbag designs that followed. 
Apr 10

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Apr 9

The moment finally arrived, the shipment of footbags from Flying Clipper made it to Chile.

Chile children

The children at Colegio Los Almendros in La Florida were the first to receive the bags and were very excited. These students have been playing footbag every Friday to help their English.

Among others who will receive the footbags over the coming months are some of Chile best freestyle football players, as well as Olympic athletes who have also been receiving English classes.

Chilean athletes English

The donation is an incredible opportunity to build the Footbag community in Chile and the rest of South America, with plans underway to build a competition from the English programs.

It is hoped that the application for the Chilean government program “Start-Up Chile will be a great success. You can see what’s happening in Chile in the video below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jnGAob7984?list=UU7QJzEVU2QNDgBCBFgB8iZw]

Footbag Chile gives a huge thankyou to Flying Clipper and a vamos to all Chilenos to start playing this great sport!!

Apr 8

 The reviews are in….

And it’s official! The Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggling Ball is a huge hit with our loyal fans and new customers alike! This could be the most unique and best juggling prop we’ve ever created and our fans agree!


Best things I’ve thrown in the air yet!  Best things I've thrown in the air yet!

These are so much better than my old “learn to juggle” bean bags it’s silly. Having been stuck at 3 ball cascades for years, I’m already doing Mills Mess and 4 ball fountains fairly easily. They’re soft, don’t roll at all and are a joy to juggle. I can’t wait to get above 5 so I can order some more!

– Eddie Hirko

Apr 4

Just a Quickie

We got another short and sweet review from one of our returning customers. We love our customers and we really love their reviews! Check it out:

Ummmmm……you make the most amazing footbags in the world and cant wait to try your new design because my black and white hybrid that i got when it first came out finally lost all its sand after years of torture, but its still good as a pellet hack. So just wanted to let you know that I recommend your footbags to everyone i know and to keep up the amazing work!


Daniel Clark

St Maries, ID

P.S…..bring back the black and white hybrid…..ill buy it.

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