Mar 17

Get Ready New York!

Here comes the THIRD Annual Barefoot Monkeys Juggling and Fire Arts Convention at Vassar College, in Poughkeepsie NY! Flying Clipper is sponsoring this event in typical fashion; we’re sending a 5-ball set of our popular Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggling Balls with a Logo Pouch for one very lucky raffle winner to take home from the event for free!

Event Info from the Official Monkey See Monkey Do 3D Website:

“Come one, come all to the THIRD Annual Barefoot Monkeys Juggling and Fire Arts Convention at Vassar College, in Poughkeepsie NY! Join us for a weekend of workshops, fire spinning, games, vendors, prizes and a Saturday night show. The past two years have been a blast, and this year’s is shaping up to be by far the biggest and most talent-filled convention yet!

Like usual, this event is totally free to attend! We’ll be looking into providing crash space for as many people as possible, as well as travel compensation to some teachers and performers (applications are above!). Stay tuned for more information as the date nears, and check out the logistics page for further details!”


  • Aaron Nevil Hall
  • Adam van Houten
  • Aileen Lawler
  • Anthony Pinggera
  • Ben Reynolds
  • Charlie Cushing
  • Dave Statik
  • David “Honeybear” Foregger
  • Ben “Drex” Drexler
  • Ember Flynn
  • Evan Davis
  • Felix Steiney
  • Karen Sokolow
  • Kevein Gao
  • Liz Knights
  • Lyca Mikhael
  • Marvin Ong
  • Matt Wise
  • Ryan Elwood
  • Sam Boyles
  • Sam Stites
  • Tom Grinyer


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Mar 17

Flying Clipper is sponsoring WOMBAT March 2013!

That’s right! We’re sending a 5-ball set of our popular Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggling Balls with a Logo Pouch for one very lucky raffle winner to take home from the event for free!


What is WOMBAT anyway??

“WOMBAT is the Winter Object Manipulation Bootcamp At Tufts, hosted by the Tufts Jumbo Jugglers and the organizers of Medford Spinjam. The event is a workshop weekend with classes for all levels of spinners. We’re here to share knowledge and build community with our fellow object manipulation artists.”

“Join us for a weekend full of learning and play! We’ll have workshops on poi, staff, hoop, juggling, acrobatics, and more, for spinners of all levels.”

– from the Official WOMBAT website,


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Mar 16

Get Ready Arkansas!

Peter Irish and many other talented jugglers are about to descend upon the All-Star Sports Arena in Springdale, AR for the 2013 NWA Juggling Festival! We’ve donated a 5-ball set of our famous Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggling Balls and a Logo Pouch for the event raffle.

More information about the event and the many talented individuals and groups that will be performing can be found below. There are a few links with more information, as well as a lot of info taken from one of the Facebook Event pages listed below.

Event Info Pages

2013 NWA Juggling Festival event page:

2013 NWA Juggling Spectacular page (public show):

NWA Juggling Festival Open Group page:


Event Information

Hello, Everyone! It’s time to mark your calendars for the 2013 NWA juggling festival, April 12, 13, and 14.

Gym space will be at the All Star Sports Arena:
1906 Cambridge Street
Springdale, AR 72762)

The gym will be open 5-10 pm on Friday, April 12, and 11 am – 5 pm on Saturday, April 13.

Games will be Saturday afternoon. Golden clubs are up for grabs.

Friday and Saturday night there will be all-night juggling at Galen’s house. Message Ellen Winters or Galen harp for the address.

Renegade will happen, also at Galen’s

The show will be Saturday, April 13 at 7 pm at the Global Campus Theater, on the downtown Fayetteville square.
2 East Center St.
Fayetteville, AR.

Sunday there will be juggling and BBQ at Galen’s.


Peter Irish

Doug Sayers

Institute of Jugglology, performing Circuit III

Ethan Robison

More performers TBA…

Tickets for the show are now available online, $10 for adults and $5 for children under 10:

Tickets will also be available at the door, $13 for adults and $7 for children under 10, cash only.

Contact Galen Harp for crash space. Camping space is available and encouraged. Contact Ellen Winters with any other questions.

In addition to the juggling festival, this year the city of Bentonville will be hosting a busker competition April 5, 6, and 7th! The week between the busker festival and the juggling festival will be full of shows and activities, including a float trip, a juggling and hiking trip, a trip to Crystal Bridges Museum (, and a variety show deep in the Ozark Mountains (Eureka Springs).

Check back for a more detailed schedule as the date approaches.

Hope to see you all soon!

Mar 16

Get Ready University of Maryland!

Flying Clipper is proud to sponsor the 21st Annual Congress of Jugglers at the University of Maryland. We’ve sent them a 5-ball set of our Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggling Balls with a Logo Pouch for the raffle being held at their event.

Find out more details about the event below and be sure to check out their club website for more information about the club and the university.  



The 21st annual Congress of Jugglers at the University of Maryland will take place April 5–7, 2013. As always, it’s all free, and we invite jugglers of all ages, sizes, and skill levels to come!

If you’d like to get involved, awesome! We need jugglers to run workshops, performers to be in the show, and crash space to accomodate travelers. If you can help out, please contact Sophie Jablansky.

If you’d like to offer your support as a vendor, you can get more information here.


Open juggling will be held in the Ritchie Coliseum all three days:

Friday 6PM–12AM
Saturday 10AM–12AM
Sunday 10AM–3PM

In addition, we have the following planned for Saturday:

  • Games, including unicycle hockey
  • Workshops
  • Performance show (in Hoff Theater)
  • Fire juggling (outside of Ritchie)
Mar 14

We get a lot of great reviews of our products from professional jugglers, and it always warms our hearts to know jugglers out there are getting the most possible use in the most extreme environments out of their Flying Clipper juggling props

Rhys Thomas is a juggler from Portland, OR. He recently got his hands on some of our Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggling Balls and he had some absolutely fantastic words to share about them! Read here:

I’ve juggled Flying Clipper bags professionally for over 20 years. During this run of kinetic employment, I’ve put various Flying Clipper bags to the test of street shows, stage shows and festival shows. I’ve had Flying Clipper bags that have gotten wet, sat under heavy props, been run over (oops), stepped on by livestock, got teethed on by babies and all survived to be juggled another day.

On St. Lawrence Island, Alaska in February, just uphill from the frozen whale head on the beach, I set my bowling ball down and it cracked from being so cold and brittle. My fingers were stiff and the clubs inflicted pain with each catch, but my Flying Clipper Tossaball Hybrid bags stayed supple and soft as ever.

In Abu Dhabiit was 113 degrees Fahrenheit and oh so humid. My Flying Clipper Tossaball Phat Tyre bags performed beautifully even as they soaked up the sweat dripping down my arms.

The only problem I’ve had has been rats eating them during the late Fall when the cold drives the little nibblers into my studio. Imagine my delight when the Phat Tyre bags (which hold no seed and smell more rubbery than like yummy human sweat) survived unmolested this mouse season.


“It takes a lot of balls to make it as a juggler. I get mine at Flying Clipper.”


 –Rhys Thomas

Mar 12



Tossaball Plush Puppy, Flying Clipper’s new hand and feet juggle ball, is getting Rave Reviews.

Peter Irish, the master of juggling, is raving all about this:

 “The Flying Clipper Plush Puppies are by far the best juggling balls on the market for hands and feet juggling. This is the ball I have been searching for for years. Once I got a hold of them, I immediately retired my old balls, and began using these full time. The require virtually no break-in, are a great consistency for stalls and body catches, yet they retain their roundness and don’t “pancake”. These balls are undoubtedly the best resource for any juggler who wants to integrate the hands and feet together in their juggling. The colors are some of the brightest and most beautiful of any juggling balls I’ve ever seen, which is so important for performing. I have used these balls in several shows and dozens of performances and have been completely satisfied. As well as all this, they are FUN to juggle, and have a feel like no other ball. I am grateful to Flying Clipper (and amazed) for creating a ball that exceeds my expectations for exactly what I do. I completely recommend these balls for any type of juggling, and especially for my specialty of juggling with the hands and the feet at the same time. Huge thanks to Flying Clipper!”

Catch Peter Irish using the Tossaball Plush Puppy below!


Here is another great review from another satisfied customer:

“OK, these beanbags are waaay nicer than I thought they would be! I broke my 5 ball endurance the first day I got them because they are so easy to juggle. I like the size and fabric because my hands do not get tired from grabbing them like a ball. They settle gently into my hand and have a beautiful throw. I got 4 rotations of 5 ball mills for the first time with these just yesterday. I’m getting more!”

–Robert Wood


And a video made by one of our talented customers demonstrating the Tossaball Plush Puppy:



 Thanks for all the awesome reviews!

Mar 12


The Flying Clipper is once again an offical sponsor for the 2013 U.S. OPEN Footbag Net Championships!


 This year Flying Clipper will be donating 24 Juice Netbags! This netbag is the ideal for the fast growing sport of Footbag Net.


The 2013 U.S. OPEN Footbag Net Champsionships will take place June 29-30 this year in Portland, Oregon! Footbag was born in Oregon in 1972, so what better way to hold this event than where it was discovered. It will be held at Willamette Park, a beautiful riverfront park with flat playing fields. This event offers footbag net play for everyone- beginners, intermediates, and pros! The U.S. OPEN holds the biggest events for women, so ladies make sure to come out. Fans, friends, and supporters welcome!

The U.S. OPEN will kick off Friday Night, June 28th with a registration party! Make sure to come by to start the championships out right!

Here is the official event schedule:


Registration for all Open and Intermediate events closes at noon Saturday!

NOVICE/BEGINNER kicker clinics throughout the day.

Singles Net: Player’s meeting and Open matches begin promptly at 10:00am.

Open Singles Net players must be checked in by 9:00am.

Open Singles Net format will be single elimination, rally scoring.

Intermediate Singles Net starts approximately 11:00am.

Women’s Net schedule will be based upon number of players.

Doubles events will be pool format, sideout scoring.

10:00am – 1:00pm: Singles Net
1:30pm – 5:00pm: Doubles Net
 5:30pm – 8:00pm: Mixed Doubles Net

*All net players who are eliminated are encouraged to play off for ranking in

the final standings.*

Saturday night activity – retire to the McMenamins Fulton Pubacross the



NOVICE/BEGINNER kicker Foot-C clinics throughout the day.

10:30am: Singles Net playoffs
12:30pm: Doubles Net playoffs
2:30pm: Mixed Doubles playoffs
4:00pm: Mixed Doubles final
5:00pm: Doubles finals
6:00pm: Singles finals

 Awards on site!

Mar 11


Here at Flying Clipper we are very passionate about juggling. So when we heard of The Pocono Juggle Fest we donated a 5-ball set of the Phat Tyre Tossaball juggling balls with a logo pouch to their raffle!

The Pocono Juggle Fest took place this past weekend at Panther High School and Lehighton Area High School where jugglers from the ages 18-85 came to learn some new tricks. Here plenty of props were readily accessible and experienced circus performers and jugglers willing to help with tricks. All throughout the day on Saturday there were impromptu lessons in every corner of the gym, corridors and auditorium. Lessons covered everything from hulu hooping to aerial skills. There was something for everyone here at the festival. The event wrapped up Saturday night with a big show, where jugglers who have performed all around the globe came to participate. Rob Barowski and and Kim Laird, coordinators of the event, were thrilled to share their passion in juggling and circus arts with their community.

Check out the Pocono Juggle Fest’s Facebook for full coverage of the event, including pictures and videos! 







Mar 5

It’s Official!!  

Flying Clipper is officially sponsoring the 13th Annual Humboldt Juggling Festival! We’ve donated a set of our brand-new Phat Tyre 32 Panel Juggling Balls with a Logo Pouch to the event for their raffle. Show up and get a chance to win these amazing, new, juggling props!



Here is some official information about the event:

The 13thAnnual Humboldt Juggling Festival will take place March 21st through 24th , 2013 at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. As always, because of our involvement with HSU we are able to offer the main event to the public for FREE!

This includes a large open gym for free play, object manipulation workshops of all kinds, games/competitions, a renegade show, a paying public show, fire show, and much more! We welcome and encourage people of all ages, skill levels, and walks of life to come, watch, participate, learn, and have fun!

Here are some more links about the event:

Mar 5

Another great review of our new, customer-favorite juggling ball, the Phat Tyre 32 Panel:


Best Commercially Available Hybrids  Best Commercially Available Hybrids

The Tossaball Phat Tyres are the best commercially available beanbags for 4-limbed juggling on the planet. I’m not saying this lightly, because performing a combined footbag and juggling act is what I do for a living. I’ve tried all the others on the market and this comes out on top. Bravo, Jim! — Jorden


Let’s read a few other great reviews of this amazing juggling ball:


best kept secret in juggling  best kept secret in juggling

This is going to be the first review of this product that i will submit i got a set of seven in the mail today about three his ago and wow as soon as i held one in my hand i was captivated the weight is perfect they manage to keep there shape very well the feel of them is UN like anything I’ve ever juggled before the ultra suede feels heavenly in your hand and when you squeeze them a fist full of marshmallows comes to mind.
I have juggled more variations of juggling balls than care to remember and this is the first one that feels like it was made to be juggled, this is as of right now the best juggling ball I’ve ever touched.
After a few hours of juggling with these i am very pleased when you drop one it doesn’t roll away from you, every time the ball lands in your hand it feels extremely stable.
On to of all of this i can fit all seven balls in one hand then violently shake my hand around with out one of them flying away.
There will be another review soon once i log some real practice time with them but right now i would ofbeen happy if these balls were selling@$20 a peice knowing that these are only $14 a peice blows my mind!
 — Austin Carpenter

All weather wonder balls  All weather wonder balls

I’m testing these at 113 Fahrenheit in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) and they rock the casbah! My other props are suffering texture problems from the sweat, heat and humidity, but these invitingly soft Phat Tyre Tossaballs feel fab. I got my first Flying Clipper balls decades ago and they’re still whole and hearty. These new puppies arrived feeling like old friends and are surviving show after show after show. – Rhys Thomas

Best Bags EVER!  Best Bags EVER!

I have been juggling for 15 years, and have tried dozens of different juggling balls. When I picked one of these Phat Tyres the other day at my friends house, I got a huge, stupid grin on my face. Luckily he had three of these, and I was able to start juggling them right away. I was immediately struck by a few things. First was how nice they felt when they hit my hands, no matter how high I threw them, they always landed with a nice soft feel into my palm. Second was how much precision i had in my throws, especially as i started throwing them at the heights needed for 7 and 8 balls. I was able to place the balls right where I wanted them. None of the floppy feeling and erratic behavior that some bean bags have, and the weight is just right, it instantly reloads the muscles of your arms to throw them again. So I found out what these magical juggling bags were and ordered 9 of them. I got them in the mail yesterday, and have already gotten personal bests in 7 and 8 ball duration, as well as 4 and 5 ball Mills Mess, and back crosses. I have also been dabbling with footbag on and off for a few years, and was able for the fist time ever, to juggle 2 bags on one foot. I havent felt this excited about a juggling prop in 10 years. Do yourself a favor and get a set, your hands will thank you. — Tyler



WOW! From us here at Flying Clipper, THANK YOU!!

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