Mar 30

That’s RIGHT!

You can get 15% off during our Spring Cleaning Sale!

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Tossaball® Hybrid 2.55

Tossaball® Hybrid 2.55″ TX Juggle Ball Now Only $10.20!

Phat Tyre Pro

Phat Tyre Pro Now Only $12.75!


Stickers! Now Only $2.13!

Tossaball Hybrid TX 2.55

Tossaball Hybrid TX 2.55″ Starter 3 Pack with Pouch Now Only $34.00!

Juggle Scarves, Juggling Scarves

Juggle Scarves now just $2.13!!

Mar 30

What a great review from a great customer!

Best numbers balls EVER!  Best numbers balls EVER!

I have been juggling 5 and more balls since 1985 and got so frustrated with the lack of quality and the lack size/weight options available that I started making my own.

Not any more!

Never again will I spend hours of tedious sewing because I have finally found the perfect juggling balls. These beautifully crafted and durable suede balls are the perfect size and weight for numbers juggling. I’ve also tried the less full ones and they are great also, especially if you’re new to numbers juggling – I happen to like em nice and firm. And the price is incredible, I’ve spent 3 times that much for similar props that were ultimately disappointing. 

- Rob

Tossaball® Hybrid 2.55" Ultra Suede Juggle BallTossaball® Hybrid 2.55Tossaball® Hybrid 2.55Tossaball® Hybrid 2.55Tossaball® Hybrid 2.55

Mar 28

  Want to represent the Flying Clipper?

Wherever you go, you can now easily represent Flying Clipper, the best designer of footbags and juggle balls! While juggling with your favorite new balls, you can proudly wear our Classic Tossaball Shirt 

Or if you are more interesting in kicking around dirtbags, you might want to wear the Classic Dirtbag Shirt.                                                 

Still want more?

We even have stickers! Get your Tossaball Sticker and Dirtbag Sticker today!

Now everyone will know where to get the best juggle balls and footbags around!

Mar 24


The all-new, Tossaball Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggle Ball is in a league of its own among juggling products. We released this amazing juggle ball last year and the response we’ve got from jugglers in all walks of their juggling career has been unanimous:

This ball is a winner!!

Take it from another satisfied customer that posted a review on our products page:

Very forgiving  Very forgiving

I am the world’s most pitiful 5-ball juggler. The Phat Tyre 32-panel bags are exactly what I needed! They float up into the air, and you can basically catch them with one fingertip and correct your pattern. Really, really nice. I’m getting many more throws in before my pattern totally falls apart, and can recover more easily when it goes slightly awry. I bet they’re even more amazing for actual good jugglers. Seriously, I love these. (They do smell like a tire store though, if you stuff them in your face and inhale deep. Which is kinda hokey and cool)

– Tom M

Mar 22

We just got another great review in of our brand new Tossaball Phat Tyre Speeders! Check it out here:

Phat speeder bags  Phat speeder bags

Love the size,weight, feel, and look of these bags, although they do have a slight Discount Tire store bouquet.

Just a couple of washes later and they smell fresh as daisies. I can barely put ‘em down, love ‘em…


Mar 20

With all students back at school, it was time for Footbag to return to the classes in Chile. After making a very successful alliance in 2012, the first school to return to was Colegio Los Almendros in La Florida.

La Florida is an outer suburb of Santiago and Los Almendros is a public school there. Once again the children were very enthusiastic, with many retaining their skills from the classes last year.

The classes in 2013 will look to add even more to the program. Students joined Daniel Boyle last year at the school sports day presentation, thanking the crowd in English and showing off their new skills.

This year, there are plans to host a footbag competition at the school, before getting nearby schools to take up the challenge and compete in a regional tournament.

Flying Clipper has made a great donation of footbags to Chile, which should be arriving in the country shortly. After giving a presentation about Sports and Education at the recent Edcamp Santiago, Daniel Boyle has opened up possibilities for classes at more schools and hopes to create a larger scale program this year.

Mar 19

phatty32_promo_yellow-blueGet Ready Ann Arbor!

Flying Clipper is proud to be an official sponsor of the Ann Harbor Juggling Arts Festival in 2013! We’ve sponsored this event for a number of years and it continues to grow and amaze us and the great people that attend every year! This is a wildly entertaining and interactive festival with lots to see and do.

Be sure to enter the raffle when you get there because you’ll have the chance to win a 5-ball set of our amazing Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggling Balls with a Logo Pouch!

Here is some information from their official, event website:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wide World Sports
2140 Oak Valley Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan
–Prop Vendors
–Open juggling
Watch this space for more details!

Questions? Email or call Micah Tessler at (248) 990-8084.

Interested in organizing a workshop? Email Paul Wolberg (pswolberg, at comcast dot net).

You can also sign up for our juggling festival announcements email list


Also, check out a video from the 2010 event:


Mar 19

phatty32_promo_black-whiteThat’s right!

Flying Clipper is proud to be an official sponsor of the Tucson Juggling Festival 2013 celebrations happening this April! In our usual fashion, we’re sending a 5-ball set of our popular Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggling Balls with a Logo Pouch for one very lucky raffle winner to take home from the event for free! That’s one more awesome reason to show up for this awesome event!!


Here’s some more information from their official, event website:

WhenApril 12-14

Where: Catalina State Park


Cost: We operate entirely by donation, so give what you can afford. (Catalina State Park $15 per vehicle/per night overnight camping fee.)
This event marks the Tucson Juggling Club’s 5th festival!  It’s an informal 3-day event held at Catalina State Park on the north side of Tucson. Accommodations will be camping primarily, although there are some hotels relatively close by.The festival operates entirely by donation, however the park requires a small camping fee.  Plenty of time to juggle, hike, juggle, eat (potluck food, but we’ve never gone hungry), and juggle some more.  If you plan on attending it would help us greatly if you email with an idea of how many people will be here and your estimated arrival and departure dates (from the Catalina State Park campsite).
We will be doing stenciling again this year, so bring something to decorate (shirt, bag, etc).
Friday: Arrive and set up your camp.  Food to be shared will be set out on the picnic tables under the ramada and we will setup a fire.
Saturday: Wake up and juggle!  Stop when it gets dark.
Sunday: Slowly pack up while getting side-tracked to juggle with people you didn’t juggle with earlier.
For current weather info, click here.
Mar 19

5 Stars for the Dirtbag 42-Panel!

We just got a brand new customer review from a customer that recently purchased a Dirtbag 42-Panel footbag from the Flying Clipper Dirtbag Line-Up! This footbag measures 2.25″ in diameter, weighs in at 40-45 grams, and utilizes elongated, truncated hexagons and pentagons to form what we think is our most unusual footbag.

Check out what Shawn has to say about it too!

Fantastic!  Fantastic!

The product arrived quickly and looks fantastic. The guys at flying clipper do great work I recommend this product to everyone. — Shawn

Mar 18

High-number jugglers and multiplex jugglers will love this new juggle ball from the Flying Clipper!    


The Tossaball Phat Tyre Speeder Juggle Ball is a handmade, washable, juggle ball made from excellent-grip, ultra suede and filled to about 70% volume. Because it is filled with ground-up, recycled, tire rubber, small-handed jugglers can easily fit five of these balls in one hand with no trouble!

We already have a happy customer!

“Great service & product! I received my order just 8 days after payment, paying only $5 extra for international shipping all the way to New Zealand! My exact colour preferences were not available, so sensible substitutes were made – with an extra 8th ball to compensate, PLUS a carry pouch! These speeder tossaballs are rather small, but are very nicely weighted and true, and the artificial suede feels great. Will be easier to practice, and with fewer collisions should help me progress to 5 balls. Thanks again!”

–Michael Hall

 Get your hands on your very own Tossaball Phat Tyre Speeder Juggle Ball today at the Flying Clipper!

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