Dec 28

Here is the latest update from Peter’s Facebook Page:

“After months of waiting around, I finally heard from the Guinness World Record people. After the holidays I will begin organizing and training to set a world record for Juggling 3 balls with the feet. I hope to raise money for an worthy organization making a difference in the world, perhaps the Tibetan Children’s Fund.”


Flying Clipper will make a donation to support Peter’s foundation of choice.

Dec 20

We get a lot of reviews of our products, but we’ve never received so many positive reviews in such a short amount of time as we  have for our brand new Tossaball Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggle Ball! Check them out:


best kept secret in juggling  best kept secret in juggling

This is going to be the first review of this product that i will submit i got a set of seven in the mail today about three his ago and wow as soon as i held one in my hand i was captivated the weight is perfect they manage to keep there shape very well the feel of them is UN like anything I’ve ever juggled before the ultra suede feels heavenly in your hand and when you squeeze them a fist full of marshmallows comes to mind.
I have juggled more variations of juggling balls than care to remember and this is the first one that feels like it was made to be juggled, this is as of right now the best juggling ball I’ve ever touched.
After a few hours of juggling with these i am very pleased when you drop one it doesn’t roll away from you, every time the ball lands in your hand it feels extremely stable.
On to of all of this i can fit all seven balls in one hand then violently shake my hand around with out one of them flying away.
There will be another review soon once i log some real practice time with them but right now i would ofbeen happy if these balls were selling@$20 a peice knowing that these are only $14 a peice blows my mind!
 — Austin Carpenter

All weather wonder balls  All weather wonder balls

I’m testing these at 113 Fahrenheit in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) and they rock the casbah! My other props are suffering texture problems from the sweat, heat and humidity, but these invitingly soft Phat Tyre Tossaballs feel fab. I got my first Flying Clipper balls decades ago and they’re still whole and hearty. These new puppies arrived feeling like old friends and are surviving show after show after show. – Rhys Thomas

Best Bags EVER!  Best Bags EVER!

I have been juggling for 15 years, and have tried dozens of different juggling balls. When I picked one of these Phat Tyres the other day at my friends house, I got a huge, stupid grin on my face. Luckily he had three of these, and I was able to start juggling them right away. I was immediately struck by a few things. First was how nice they felt when they hit my hands, no matter how high I threw them, they always landed with a nice soft feel into my palm. Second was how much precision i had in my throws, especially as i started throwing them at the heights needed for 7 and 8 balls. I was able to place the balls right where I wanted them. None of the floppy feeling and erratic behavior that some bean bags have, and the weight is just right, it instantly reloads the muscles of your arms to throw them again. So I found out what these magical juggling bags were and ordered 9 of them. I got them in the mail yesterday, and have already gotten personal bests in 7 and 8 ball duration, as well as 4 and 5 ball Mills Mess, and back crosses. I have also been dabbling with footbag on and off for a few years, and was able for the fist time ever, to juggle 2 bags on one foot. I havent felt this excited about a juggling prop in 10 years. Do yourself a favor and get a set, your hands will thank you. — Tyler

Dec 10

What A Review!

As we’ve said in the paste, we LOVE hearing from our AMAZING CUSTOMERS! You guys and ladies out there are seriously so cool!

Sometimes we get really cool responses from the fans out there, and today is one of them. Max is one of our long-time customers and he’s done a few reviews on our products as well as our competitors products. We always love to see our balls run the gambit with our meticulous customers, especially those that juggle professionally and use our balls in shows and other events!

Max is back with another great review, this time of Flying Clipper and his years of experience with our company. Here it is:

I’ve got a few reviews already posted on the site for some of the Tossaballs so I’m probably just going to make this a general review of Flying Clipper as a whole. I’ve also made a video review for the 32-Panel Phat Tyre Tossaballs  that is already hosted on Flying Clipper’s Blog: ( Like I said, this is just going to be a basic overview/review of the company as a whole with a few specific product mentions added in for good measure.

I’ve been a juggler for about 10 years now. After my first non-learner set of beanbags (millet -filled thuds) became so dilapidated and worthless after less than a year of use I vowed to never use beanbags again. I switched to stage balls and filled stage balls for the first 5 years or so of juggling. One day I was roaming around the internet looking for some new props and new places to purchase props. After following a few links I stumbled upon a website that was completely new to me, immediately caught my eye because the site as a whole has a nice clean look to it; it’s well laid out, easy to navigate and there are a ton of different products.

The only reason I continued to browse after noticing all the beanbags was because they all had mention of some “Hybrid Technology”. I’ll be honest , I was skeptical at first, but after reading more about it on the well put together FAQ area I was intrigued. Not only did the props avoid using millet, but they took it one step further by adding two types of filler to one ball. Twelve panel beanbags with each panel being a pillow filled with crushed quartz all wrapped around plastic pellets to help fill the void. It sounded like an amazing idea to me. Not only did it help to create balls that had even weight and mass, but they would not break down any. I couldn’t resist any longer, I had to buy myself a set. I clicked around and decided on a set of Ultrasuede 2.8″ 130gram Tossaball Hybrids.

I was still slightly skeptical of the Hybrid Technology when my new props arrived. I followed the instructions that came with them and threw them into the washing machine, cold wash/cold rinse/no soap. This was a very impressive new thing to me, washable juggle balls?!?! When the wash had finished and the balls had finally air dried overnight I was thrilled to finally begin using them! I immediately noticed the quality craftsmanship, the stitching was evenly spaced and solid. No gaps between stitches to allow filler to fall out. The Ultrasuede material was clearly the highest quality available. I started throwing them into the air, my 5-ball cascade immediately felt more solid than ever.

Not only did they have a completely dead drop unlike any of my filled stage balls they also had no wobble in the air no matter how much spin I added to them. Five years later, 25 or 30 machine washings, countless drops from 7’s and above and those Ultrasuede Tossaballs are still in prime condition and feel exactly the same as they did during that first 5-ball cascade. That to me is what a juggling prop should be! I shouldn’t have to replace my props every year because they’ve become so soft and wobbly in the air. I shouldn’t have to worry about getting my props dirty for fear of not being able to clean them. I should be able to use a prop for ten’s of years and have it feel just as good as it did on day one.

“That is what Flying Clipper is all about. They’ve created a line of top quality and innovative juggling props with enough variety to meet anyone’s needs.”

Since that first set, I’ve tried quite a few of the Tossaballs from Flying Clipper. Recently, I purchased myself a set of the 32-Panel Phat Tyre Tossaballs. These caught my eye because they combined two of my favorite things. Juggling, and helping the environment. Rather than be filled with sand and plastic pellets like many of their other products, Flying Clipper went above and beyond to create a juggling ball unlike any other on the market. These balls are filled to the perfect volume with ground up, recycled car tires. That heavy duty rubber that you’ve been driving on for years is now the filler for an incredible piece of juggle-able art. They use a few stainless steel pellets to help keep the weight of each prop consistent as well as make sure that the mass of each feels the same. Because none of the filler is organic these props are, like everything else from Flying Clipper, completely machine washable. Since getting these they’ve become my main props for any kind of juggling. They’re slightly underfilled so drops and catches are completely dead; they stop right where they land. Definitely an A+ prop in my book.

Not only has Flying Clipper created an amazing line of juggling props and footbags but they’ve also dedicated themselves to expert customer service. After placing an order you get a confirmation email with details of your order. A little later you receive an email letting you know that the order has shipped. I’m on the east coast and I’ve never waited more than a week for my props, and that wait was only because the color I wanted was out of stock at the time. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for by browsing online go ahead and contact them. Emails are usually answered the day of or early next day and if need be you can give them a call to help sort out shipping issues or with any questions about your props.

Flying Clipper has become my go to website for new juggling balls or just window shopping. I’ve never had an issue with them and I’m certain that if something did go wrong they would do everything in their power to correct it as soon as they could. They value their customers and they value quality, both in their props and their service. I don’t think you can have a bad experience with them even if you wanted to. Well done; you’ve earned my business and respect for life.