Nov 30

 We love to hear from our valued customers.

Speedy here has written a review that is just that: Speedy. Quick. Precise.

He thanks us for our quality 62-Panel Footbag in our Dirtbag Footbags Line-Up, and we thank him for clicking our Rave Reviews button and sharing his thoughts! Thanks Speedy!

Here is Speedy’s Review from our main site:


62 panel dirt bag
the 62 panel dirt bag i terrific for what i need thanks flyingclipper for a quality product

Nov 27

Going On NOW!!

10%  Off  All  Orders

Throughout the Holidays!

We’re offering you the chance to grab a holiday gift for the footbag or juggling enthusiast in your family! Because after all, your footbag crew IS your family!!

From now until the end of the year we’ll be offering 10% off everything on our website! Get 10% off of a brand new set of Tossaball Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggling Balls with a pouch or go old school with a Dirtbag All-Stars 3-Pack

Nov 15

Last year we sent 100 footbags to Rwanda to help teach kids how to play together cooperatively. This is the video we got back from our friends over there:


Nov 12

 It’s Official!

Flying Clipper will be an official sponsor of the 15th Annual Portland Clowns Without Borders Benefit Show! We’ll be sending a 5-Ball Set of our Tossaball Phat Tyre 32-Panel Juggling Balls with a Pouch for one lucky raffle winner :)

Moshe Cohen, founder of Clowns Without Borders USA, and a wonderfully eccentric theater clown, will be coming from San Francisco to perform at the show!

Official Facebook Event Info Here: 

Nov 7

This is huge news!

Peter Irish, the world-famous juggler and footbag enthusiast, will be using our brand new Tossaball Plush Puppies Juggle Balls to attempt a world record with Guinness World Records for juggling three balls with his feet!

Peter Irish is one of our heroes here at Flying Clipper. He’s been pioneering the sport of Hand and Feet Juggling for quite a while, and we’ve been pioneering our hybrid Tossaballs based on his recommendations for just about as long. Here is a great video of Peter using some of our products in his unique and amazing style!


As you can see, Peter Irish is a world-class juggler. We’re absolutely confident he will set the World Record this winter. We’ll be sure to post videos, pictures and as many details as we possibly can once we know more information! Stay tuned!

Nov 7

We have scant details right now, but we are sure to send a 5-ball set of Tossaball Phat Tyre 32 juggle balls with a Jumbo Flying Clipper Logo Pouch!

This is the set of juggle balls one lucky winner will receive in the raffle :)

Here’s a link to their site as well as some cool content from last  year’s event:

Here is a video from the 2011 event:


This is a slideshow of some amazing images from the 2012 event:

Nov 6

Flying Clipper has been involved with footbag and juggling events since the beginning of our company history, and we’re proud to continue this rich legacy by sponsoring the   NOT QUITE PITTSBURGH JUGGLING FESTIVAL V!

We are sending a 5-ball set of Tossaball Phat Tyre 32 juggle balls with logo pouch  which will go home with a lucky raffle winner!


This is the set of balls one lucky winner will receive in the raffle :)


Here is the Facebook page for the event: events/360488667365551/?ref= ts&fref=ts


And here is a fun photo gallery of last year’s event. It was awesome!!

Bill Allen's Photos: Gymnasium &emdash; D3H_4437