Aug 5
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Assembly of Awesome Official Website, Click photo above

It’s official!

Flying Clipper is sponsoring the Assembly of Awesome Collaborative Arts Festival in Maumee, Ohio! We’re sending a 5-ball set of our Tossaball Hybrid juggling balls and a Flying Clipper logo pouch as a raffle prize to support the event.

The festival will take place Labor Day weekend 2012, from Friday August 31st to Sunday September 2nd.

The festival space will be open for to guests for 50 straight hours, starting at 5pm Friday till 7pm on Sunday. This gives guests a full day to get home since Monday is Labor Day.

The address is: 1620 Market Place Dr # 2, Maumee, OH 43537 (Soccer Centre Inc)

The festival will take place in the Maumme Sports Mall, more specificaly in the Soccer Center.

You can find out more details about the Assembly of Awesome Collaborative Arts Festival by clicking here or on the huge image above!

Aug 2

Just a friendly reminder here that you have 2 weeks left if you want to make a video for the Summer 2012 EPIContest. Remember, the rules are it has to be 3 minutes or less, and the title has to be the Flying Clipper Summer 2012 EPIContest. No prop limitations, no skill requirements! Make your video and upload it to YouTube and then tell us about it on our Facebook Page or on Twitter!




Aug 2

Remember you still have 2 weeks left to enter if you want to make a video!

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