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Flying Clipper is proud to announce we are


We will be sponsoring the event with products and a generous cash donation. It’s been amazing watching the Footbag community grow over the years, and it’s so exciting to be able to sponsor so many events around the United States. This one is right in our back yard here at Flying Clipper, so we’re proud to be hosing the event here in Portland, OR and we’re to be an official sponsor!

The following is a guest post from the Footbag.org Announcements List:

Registration is now up for the 2012 US Open Freestyle Footbag
Championships in Portland, Oregon!

Event details are at:

This is the most highly anticipated freestyle tournament in America
with top players coming from all over the continent. So if you haven’t
begun making plans to attend, now is the time!  All events take place
on August 25 at Colonel Summers Park.  This includes Open/Intermediate
Routines and Circle Contest.

A) Want to compete.  ($45, all levels.  Includes a t-shirt)
B) Want a t-shirt. ($10 participation fee for non-competitors, plus
$10 for a shirt.)

Registration is at:

have to pay until the actual event, but we need you in the footbag.org
system by this date or you will not be able to compete.  We cannot add
you after this date, even if we wanted to.

If you’d like to buy an event t-shirt but are not attending, please
contact me and I’ll add you to the list.

See you there!
Chris Dean

Jul 23

We’re getting so many entries, and there is still tons of time left to enter if you haven’t already! :)

Jul 23

Really amazing review of our brand new 32-panel Tossaball. This is a version of our Phat Tyre footbag turned into a juggle ball! And it’s made with recycled materials just like our Phat Tyre, amazing!

Jul 21

We’re getting a new entry at least once a day since the contest started, and we’ve still got a lot of time left to enter! This contest is heating up fast :)

Jul 20

Check it out, we got this entry late last night and it is so EPIC!!

Jul 17

We got our third video submission today! Check it out:

Jul 15

This latest message from the Footbag Hall of Fame (Footbag HOF Facebook) mentions the President at Flying Clipper, Jim Fitzgerald!

Dear HoF members,
 Please join Tim Vozar and I in thanks to Jim Fitzgerald, Jay Moldenhauer, and Lori Jean and Robert Conover for their support of the 2012 inductee’s awards !
The request I had made last month, was to consider purchasing the collectors shirt, Legends of Footbag, signed by all the HoF members on this shirt.  I only had a few of these signed, as it was very difficult to get all those signatures.
Tim still has some available.  We still have unsigned shirts available, as well as some HoF logo’d footbags.  We still need your support, or from those you know might be interested.  All support , of any size, is best made via www.footbagmuseum.com, which is Chairman Tim’s website for and about supporting the sport.
With these donations, I am sending off the shirts, plaque’s, and mugs to Worlds for the induction of PT Lovern and Jukka Peltola.  James Harley, we hope will find a way to join in a footbag event, and be honored this year.  Kendall KIC and Paul Vorvick will be honored at  32nd annual Beaver Open.
Your support is always greatly appreciated.  If any questions, ideas on how we can sustain the awards, donations, etc. , Please contact Chairman Tim.  Every bit helps.
Best regards,
and Happy Trails to you,

Be sure to send your support over to the Footbag Hall of Fame! You can buy a Footbag Hall of Fame T-Shirt from the Footbag Museum by clicking here!

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