Jun 28

This just came in from the Footbag.org Announcement E-Mail List, via Tim Vozar.


“Dear footbag players, family, and fans,

The Footbag Hall of Fame Historical Society (http://www.footbag.org/hof) is
pleased to announce that voting has concluded for this year’s nominees, and
we have the results (below)!

Please join us in congratulating the following five individuals who have all
demonstrated the highest dedication of their lives to the sport of Footbag
and are worthy of their place in the Footbag Hall of Fame (in no particular

1)      Kendall Kic – Portland OR (USA)

Kendall started playing footbag in the late 80s, and took over as the chief
promoter/director of footbag in Oregon in the early 90s (no small feat when
you consider the history here). Kendall organized 2-3 footbag tournaments
per year for the entire decade, some of the best freestyle and net
tournaments ever in both quality and hospitality. It culminated in Kendall’s
crowning achievement, the legendary 1997 World Championships (widely
considered one of the best and most successful ever), which really marked
one of the peaks of the popularity of footbag in the entire US. Kendall also
got footbag included in the Oregon State Games, making Oregon the first US
state to recognize footbag in this way. She’s been involved in the business
and manufacturing side of the game. Kendall continues to be involved every
year with the US Open in her unique smiling and uplifting manner. Kendall
has organized dozens of tournaments over the last 20 years. Kendall embodies
the Spirit of Footbag.  As a female competitor and amazing organizer she has
contributed immensely to the image and prestige of our sport.  She is World
Class all around and on so many levels.  Kendall is a role model for all
footbag players but especially to the women in our sport and the generations
that will come after all of us. Kendall is the glue that held together the
Sole Purpose club. Kendall took on the challenge that few people do and have
spent timeless hours and energy over the years running events that have
created footbag history.

2)      Paul Vorvick – Tigard OR (USA)

Paul Vorvick is one of the greatest spirits of the game. period. In 1977 he
saw his first footbag play while attending OSU. Immediately he joined the
NHSA, forerunner to the WFA, then IFPA.   Since those beginnings  of the
sport, he has been a Champion of Footbag. The unquestioned leader , now, of
the longest running Footbag tournament, since 1980, The Beaver Open.  His
enthusiasm for the game and sport has led him to play all the footbag games,
including going for Guiness world records.  He is a teacher of the game and
sport. A partner in passing on the sheer enjoyment of the game, freestyle,
net, 4 square, or ….. GLOW GOLF !  Yes, with his tape of Dark Side of The
Moon, by Pink Floyd, no one has done more to inspire the glow golf games at
the Beaver Open, or elsewhere around the world.!!     He has inspired so
many others.  Many that have gone on to championships, and records. Paul
Vorvick is an energy circle unto himself !!!   But, shared with all others,
willingly.  The main criteria for the Footbag Hall of Fame is to recognize
those that have demonstrated leadership in the sport, and for the sport.
past to present, worldwide. Paul never sought out to be a world champion,
yet in so many ways, he is more than that.  He is an Ambassador of Footbag.
For many years now he has worked hard to continue to grow as a player, to
bring new players in to the sport and to promote footbag in the NW. His
invaluable creativity, hard work and coordination skills have been a great
asset to the Beaver Open. Starting as an attendee, Paul consistently brought
such great ideas and energy forward until it just seemed right that he be
recognized as a Beaver Open staff member. Later, as previous Beaver Open
directors wanted lesser roles, Paul stepped in and assumed a major part of
the coordination of this event, where he also fully participates- not
letting the work of putting on this event interfere with his play. John
Stallberger says, ‘It is due time to have Paul as part of the Footbag HoF.
Not only does he deserve the honor but it is way over due! Paul truly does
exhibit the spirit of a champion footbag player and ambassador. No one
deserves this more than Paul’.

3)      P.T. Lovern – Oakland CA (USA)

PT Lovern started playing competitive footbag sometime around 1994. From the
very beginning, he brought a new attitude on training and work ethic unseen
by anyone prior to him. His hard work was contagious: he motivated dozens of
college students at Eastern Illinois University, Southern Illinois
University, and all over the state as well. He brought that same passion to
the Bay Area in the late 90’s, revitalizing a net scene on the brink of
obscurity. He has won countless tournaments over the years, including
multiple World Titles. As an educator, he has taught footbag in Middle
School programs for over a decade, introducing the game to thousands of
students. His club hosts the largest North American non-Worlds net
tournament every year, the prestigious Green Cup. He has dedicated much of
his life to promoting the sport, and there are few that can compare their
on-court record to his. PT is one of the few that made his mark in every
aspects of the sport. First by his uber skillz , still one the best net
player and then for his leadership with getting people to kick, organizing,
promoting. There’s no aspect where this guy didn’t excel.

4)      James Harley – Columbia SC (USA)

James “The Legend” Harley is an east coast footbag legend.  At a time when
the east coast was at a historical high point, it was discovered that James
Harley was running his own footbag league, with it’s own rules, tournaments,
and Belts, in the Carolinas.  He tirelessly promoted footbag in his region,
and eventually joined the east coast footbag scene to be one of the power
houses of footbag net.  James more than deserves a spot in the sport’s hall
of fame. Of note is his record in doubles net at Southern regionals, where
he won the title 8 times with 7 different partners (including 5 in a row
1996 – 2000). All in all he had 35 net titles. He also helped organizers of
the Texas States for years (and some Southern Regionals), hosted 2 Carolina
Classics, and served on the IFPA board for over 10 years. James also served
on the footbag net seeding committee for Worlds a couple times, compiling
stats and records more completely than ever before (or since). James was
active in WFA play from 1993 to 2010. His last titles were ’09 Texas States
doubles and ’10 Funtastik doubles masters division. Jame’s Ph.D.
dissertation on freestyle as performance is probably the most complete (and
only) history of freestyle up to its time (2001), documenting the
development of the aesthetic aspects of the sport. James has given countless
hours to training other players, organizing, running events, and providing
his scholarly input to both Freestyle and Net.  He definitely contributed to
bringing new life to Footbag in Austin and Texas but to our entire sport.
Many of you know that he wrote his PhD thesis on Footbag and for those that
don’t, I think it’s an important contribution.

5)      Jukka Peltola – Helsinki (Finland)

Jukka started playing footbag in 1994 and is one of the founding members of
Finnish Footbag Association back in 1995. He has been the driving force in
finnish footbag scene ever since. He has won numerous medals in Finnish
Footbag Championships, attended over 10 worlds and many european
championsips since 1996. Jukka helped show case footbag on Finnish TV. He
was the main organizer in worlds 2005 and 2011, which we think, have been
one of the best organized tournaments ever. He has also organized and
co-organized a lot of tournaments, shows and work shops in Finland in the
past 17 years and has constantly been pushing footbag forward as a sport in
Finland and in the world. He is a very social guy and well known and liked
throughout the footbag world. He probably still owns the best defense in
footbag net. Besides his obvious talent in net court he is also well known
by his funny jokes and crazy party skills and you never had a boring night
when partying with Jukka in worlds or elsewhere. Now being a little older
and (perhaps) wiser he has found a new passion and drive trough healthier
food and lifestyle so expect him to be a top contender in Poland and in
other tournaments this summer. Jukka is probably the funniest and certainly
one of the most creative people you could ever meet, and considering the
under estimable amount of personal effort he put in to the 2005 Worlds
tournament, it was. humbling to see that he was willing to do it all over
again last year. But this time, of course, a generation of younger players,
inspired by his example, where already there to help. And just for the
record, there’s more to this guy on the court than just defense.

Our thanks and congratulations to these individuals for their contributions
to the growth of the sport of footbag. Please feel free to congratulate them
yourselves — you’ll find their e-mail and other contact information on
their player profile pages at the corresponding links above.

The ceremonies for these 2012 Hall of Fame members will be announced soon on
our Hall of Fame page via http://www.footbag.org/hof

For those inductees who cannot attend any of the 2012 ceremonies, we will
celebrate your induction in your absence.

Thanks to the footbag community for your continued enthusiastic support of
the Hall of Fames by participating so actively in the nominations process
this year.

Congratulations once again to the new inductees!

Tim Vozar, Chairman
Footbag Hall of Fame Nominations Committee


Jun 26

Did you know there is a place where you can sit for hours and enjoy high-quality, footbag and juggle videos? It’s called your couch! You can now watch tons of videos that have been pre-approved to be 100% AWESOME right here at the Flying Clipper website! Check it out: Hacky Sack & Juggle Videos


More Stuff > Hacky Sack & Juggle Videos

More Stuff Hacky Sack & Juggle Videos

Some good hacky sack or footbag videos and juggle videos from YouTube.

If you’ve got hacky sack or juggle videos of yourself using Flying Clipper products, send them to us. We’ll post ‘em here! Click on any photo for a larger view.


Footbag Videos From The Flying Clipper YouTube Feed!

Footbag Videos From The Flying Clipper YouTube Feed!


Juggle Videos From The Flying Clipper YouTube Feed!

Juggle Videos From The Flying Clipper YouTube Feed!


Jun 14

Flying Clipper is officially sponsoring the Cleveland Circus, hosted by the Case Juggling Club! This exciting event will be held in October and features many public exhibitions, workshops, open juggling events, and a raffle where attendees can win many prizes including a set of Tossaball® Hybrid Juggle Balls!

The information below has been taken from the Official Cleveland Circus page at the Case Juggling Club website:

The Cleveland Circus is a juggling convention hosted by the Case Juggling Club. It will start at 5pm on Friday October 19th and run until 3pm on Sunday October 21st. This event will include open juggling throughout the weekend, a raffle, t-shirts, fun competitions and workshops.

Friday October 19th,
3pm- Gym opens for open juggling.
12am- Gym closes for the night.

Saturday October 20th,
10am- Gym opens for open juggling
11am- 5pm Workshops
6pm- Gym closes for show.
7:30pm- Public Juggling Show!
10pm Gym opens for after show juggling.
12am- Gym closes for the night.

Sunday October 21st,
10am- Gym opens for open juggling.
3pm- Gym closes end of convention.

Workshops: (Times TBD)
Aaron Bonk – Basic Whip Cracking
Aaron Bonk – Getting Paid to Juggle
Aaron Bonk – Hat Tricks
Aaron Bonk – Devil Stick

The Saturday night show will be in Strosacker Auditorium. It features Aaron Bonk and many other amazing performers. Tickets will be $1. 

Gballz – www.gballz.comMetro Whips – http://metrowhips.com/
Todd Smith Juggling Equipment –  http://www.toddsmith.com/

Raffle Prizes:
1. Whip from Metro Whips - http://metrowhips.com/
2. Set of Tossaball Hybrid Juggling Balls from Flying Clipperhttp://www.flyingclipper.com/

Candy and snacks will be sold throughout the convention.

Recommended Parking:
Lot 53 Veale Parking Garage. Located at 2158 Adelbert Road Cleveland, OH 44106. Cost is 10$ per day.

Near Cleveland Clinic, on Case Western Reserve University Campus, across from Severance Hall.
Adelbert Road is on Euclid Avenue between MLK Drive and Mayfield.

Adelbert Gym - 2128 Adelbert Road Cleveland, OH 44106
Strosacker Auditorium - 2125 Adelbert Road Cleveland, OH 44106

If you have any questions or you would like to donate an item to the raffle please email: jhd68@case.edu

Jun 14

Flying Clipper is officially putting our name behind the Footbag Museum and their “Hall of Fame Legends” T-Shirt!

Footbag Hall of Fame Legends T-Shirt
Footbag Hall of Fame Legends T-Shirt

 Being a Hall of Fame Legend Inductee circa 1998, the decision was obvious for Flying Clipper President, Jim Fitzgerald. Get your T-Shirt and show off your Footbag swag!


Check this out from their website:

Our Mission Statement

Footbag Museum has been created to promote the sport of footbag through the following efforts and activities;

1) Promote the history of the sport of footbag by displaying footbag related items on this website.

2) Promote the sport of footbag by providing mobile units to footbag tournament directors, that contain the following components;

     A) Wall to wall footbag museum.

     B) Built-in registration/director desk/office with electricity and air condition.

     C) Removable containers that hold all footbag tournament items that are needed to run a footbag tournament.

3) Promote the history of the sport of footbag by displaying information and articles on the Footbag Hall of Fame members.

4) Promote the sport of footbag by raising funds to help the Footbag Hall of Fame membership with their promotions.

5) Promote the sport of footbag by raising funds to help footbag tournament directors throughout the world.

About the Footbag Museum:

Footbag Museum’s creator, Tim Vozar, a Footbag Hall of Fame member inducted in 2003, has created the Footbag Museum to help the footbag world move to the next step in their relatively young life. Footbag promotions in any form, are needed, so that the sport of footbag can grow. Tim welcomes anyone and everyone to help with the Footbag Museum that has our similar goals. Our home page will be keep updated on ways that anyone can help us achieve our mission statement, which is listed on our home page.

Jun 14

This year Flying Clipper will be sponsoring an event called the “Flow Juggle Spin! Festival” hosted by MadSkillz Vancouver in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia!

To sponsor this event Flying Clipper has donated a set of our very own Tossaball® Handmade Hybrid Juggle Balls and a Flying Clipper Logo Carrying Pouch.

We are so excited to be able to contribute to this wonderful event in its third year now. The organizers are expecting a very large turnout for this circus- and cabaret-themed festival! Don’t miss out on the chance to get your tickets early, this will be an event you and your family are SURE to remember! You can get in touch with them on Social Media using the links below, and remember to buy tickets for the festival at the MadSkillz website!

Twitter account – @vanmadsklilz

Check out this cool video too, and below that is the official info from the MadSkillz website announcement:

MadSkillz Vancouver 2012 – AGAIN ONLY BETTER!

In June 2010, Madskillz Vancouver hosted the first gathering in the city dedicated to spinning & juggling arts. The Madskillz: Flow Juggle Spin! Festival, showcasing amazing homegrown talent as well as special international guest stars, was a smash, with over a hundred festival attendees and a fantastic Gala Showcase at the Rio theatre. Our third annual Festival will be held from June 22-24 2012 in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia. With 3 days of workshops, 2 cabaret shows, games and dozens of incredible performers & teachers, the city will swing once again to the carnival rhythm. Get ready, the circus is in town!

Check out our first year’s MadSkillz Vancouver: Flow Juggle Spin! Festival article in the Vancouver Sun here!


2pm Door Opens @ Circus West

2pm-8pm Open Jam

4pm-7pm Workshops

7pm SideShow Studios Open

8pm Greet & Meet Potluck @ SideShow Studios (15 W.2nd Ave.)

9pm-late Emerging Artist Show, Renegade Show and after show jam @ SideShow Studios


10am-7pm Open Jam and Workshop(first workshops starts at 11am) @ Circus West

1pm-130pm Lunch Break(no workshops)

715pm Meet at Grandview Park on Commercial Dr. for a parade to the Gala Show

8pm Doors Open for Gala Show @ Wise Hall

830pm Gala Show starts.

11pm-3am After Show Jam @ Circus West


10am-6pm Open Jam and Workshop(first workshops starts at 1130am) @ Circus West

230pm Games and Raffle Prize Draw

6pm Festival ends. See you next year!

Jun 8

“Where did all these great footbags on the market today come from?”

“Who are the people to thank for such a great pastime?”

The truth is many people were and are still involved in the evolution of footbag and footbag design, as we know it today. Foot orientated games have been in most cultures as far back as 4,000 years ago in China, but footbag as we know it can trace its roots to Oregon City Oregon in 1972. Co-founders (the late) Mike Marshall and Mr. Hacky Sack himself, John Stalberger invented what we now call footbag. Everyone called it Hacky sack back then because the Hacky Sack® was the original footbag. Hacky Sacks were internally hand sewn using two-dog bone shaped pieces of leather and filled with plastic pellets. Needless to say that two-pieces of leather sewn together do not constitute a round object and because of this fact Hacky Sacks were egg shaped. It did not take long before kickers realized that other designs might work better. Multi-panel footbag design was born from the desire of early kickers wanting a rounder footbag. The running joke back then was that “Hack Sack is proof positive that the egg came first.”

Multi-panel footbag design can trace most of its roots to Oregon as well, about 100 miles south of Oregon City to Eugene Oregon where Reed Gray, Rick Stienmetz and Jack Schoolcraft, among others, were all considering ways to improve upon the Hacky Sack. Reed Gray already becoming a master footbag designer designed his first footbag, a two panel called the “Star Sack”. Rick Stienmetz brought a rough sewn twelve-panel footbag to the weekly kick one Saturday.

Reed Gray took one look and said, “Hum”. It was not long before Rick and Reed had perfected the roundest footbag anyone had ever seen and multi panel footbag design was born. The pioneering days of both the game of footbag and footbag design was well under way in the very early 1980’s. It was only the beginning however. Reed Gray kept on inventing and with the help of his new partner Jim Fitzgerald they invented a fourteen-panel footbag called the Tangent footbag (so named for the town in which Fitzgerald resided, Tangent, OR), which revolutionized footbag design.

By truncating hexagons (never before done) and adding other shapes including pentagons, squares and triangles, gave way to an eight panel and eventually into a twenty-six panel, thirty-two panel, forty-two panel, fifty panel and sixty-two panel. Now math theory indicates that you can add more panels to a footbag by expanding on the dodecahedron (12 panel) and using truncated hexagons with other shapes to create a sphere but there is a limit on how many panels a footbag has verses practicality and ease of manufacturing. That being said, footbags have been hand sewn using more than 300 individual pieces.

The technique of using truncated hexagons in footbag manufacturing is now the benchmark of footbag design and the original designs of the eight panel, fourteen panel, twenty six panel, thirty two panel, forty two panel, fifty panel and sixty two panel are the designs most copied around the world. If you go to Wikipedia and search the term “footbag” you see a thirty two-panel footbag, which is the most popular design among the earliest footbags designed coming out of the 1980’s.

Jun 8

Hi everybody! It’s Jim Fitzgerald, President at Flying Clipper, here to introduce you to the new Tossaball Hybrid juggle ball!

Many jugglers ask me what is a Hybrid juggle ball? And I say this:


The Hybrid juggle ball is a hand sewn ball that uses two very different filler materials which do not co-mingle, that is to say that one filler material is isolated from the other. The Tossaball Hybrid juggling ball looks like an ordinary pentagonal dodecahedron but actually each pentagon has another pentagon sewn flat against it. Just before each pentagon is completely sewn into the ball, a weighed amount of heavy crushed rock filler is added between the panels and then it is sewn shut. A pentagonal dodecahedron is made up of twelve pentagons which are exactly the same size and that uniformity enables us to achieve a balanced weight ratio within each pentagon.

“Crushed rock being heavier than plastic pellets insures that most of the balls weight is isolated to the outside edge of the ball. The interior of the ball is then filled to volume with recycled plastic pellets.”

Some interesting things occur when so much weight is isolated to the outside of a sphere. Jugglers have called it “true flight” which translates into predictable flight. Because of the weighted rim, Hybrid juggling balls go up and down like no other balls before. As all good jugglers know, any small improvement in the performance of your prop can make a big over-all difference in a juggling experience for both the juggler and the audience.

Another attribute of these fine juggling balls is absorption of shock. When Hybrid juggle balls collide, the shock is absorbed rather than radiated. Crushed rock against crushed rock tends to absorb shock and not reflect shock. Collisions become less troublesome and the balls do not tend to roll when dropped because of the absorption tendencies of crushed rock.

Still another fine characteristic of Hybrid juggling balls is two layers of fabric used in the construction. Double layers of fabric result in double strength in regards to the shell of the ball and less stretch over each panel of the ball as two layers act as a bias.

Because of the isolated weight to the rim of the ball, you will never find a hand sewn juggling ball that rolls and stalls like a Tossaball Hybrid juggle ball.
And lastly if all of this was not enough, Tossaball Hybrid juggle balls are completely washable.

Hybrid juggle balls were first introduced in fall of 2008 at the Portland Juggle Festival and I have been continually perfecting them since that time. I draw from my own experience and I listen to what the jugglers tell me. I have personally hand sewn more than 50,000 footbags and 25,000 juggle balls in my career as a craftsman which has spanned more than 31 years. Regrettably, because of repetitive motion problems in my arms and shoulders, I can no longer do the craft that I love. As a way of re-inventing myself and the craft, I began to dabble in the physics of juggle ball design which has lead to the development of what I think is a great line-up of high quality juggle balls.

Lastly the term “Hybrid” came about because this new way to hand sew a ball is our attempt to “cross over” as it were to a new line-up of hands and feet juggling balls which is our ultimate goal. We are not there yet but we think in the future more and more jugglers will be using all four limbs to manipulate objects into the air. Hats off to good friends like Peter Irish who has shown us the way.

You can check out a ton more juggle videos we’ve compiled at our YouTube channel by clicking here.